Another Deadpool 2 trailer has been released. This one actually features footage from the movie. This one involves Josh Brolin joining the cast as Cable. The trailer of course showcases a lot of action and the wit of fowl mouthed Deadpool. At the same time, it has also made a subtle jab at trailers of films that have unfinished shots. One thing that was pointed out is that Cable had a green cloth wrapped around his arm instead of a metal arm. Once it got to that shot, then Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool stops the film to point it out.

The next scene in the trailer shows Deadpool taking a Deadpool and Cable action figure and has pointed out some of the differences between the character in the comics and the character in the upcoming film. Among the things that Deadpool has stated is that Cable is supposed to be very tall. Given that Josh Brolin is around 5’10, he is probably a tad shorter than Cable. A similar thing has happened in the X-Men film universe when they cast Hugh Jackman to play Wolverine. Wolverine is supposed to be very short, but Hugh Jackman is about a full foot taller than the comic version of Wolverine. However, one thing that has been shown is that it is the portrayal of the character that matters. Josh Brolin is definitely going to do a good job as Cable.

This would be probably the third promotional material released for Deadpool 2. The first one was released on some prints of Logan. The second one was released on YouTube as a painting show in the style of Bob Ross.