Doe Deere is the beautiful and vibrant CEO and founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics who was born in Russia and was raised in the city that never sleeps, New York City.  As an entrepreneur, Doe went back and forth with herself about the idea of launching Lime Crime. In 2004 is when Doe Deere played with the idea of branding herself when she registered a new Ebay account where she got the chance to model everything herself for her Diy fashion line. Inspired by her favorite color and her opportunity to create and wear very bright and bold lipsticks, nail polishes, and eyeshadows that she felt was hard to come by,she decided to take her love for makeup and bold colors to the next level.

In 2008 is when Doe Deere created and launched her very own line of cruelty free cosmetics that we are all so crazy about. Doe usually starts off her days by having different meetings with her creative director, president, vice president, chemist and COO, all working together to ensure that the products are cruelty free, bold, unique and fun. Understanding the convenience of purchasing online, she began to market by taking pictures of her product not on a sheet of white paper, but on actual lips, so that women can get a feel of the actual color and look of the product on a woman.

Although Doe faced a very unfortunate breach in her security system in 2014, Doe did not let her bring her business and her love and support from her customers all the way down. It was then that she realized she needed to make some very beneficial changes to gain her customers trust while pulling what she worked so hard for back together, and that she did! She made her business stronger than ever by bumping up the security and hiring more staff to tend to her customer base. Doe has proven herself to be quite a caring person from her love for her customers to her love for animals. She has three cats and faithfully donates to an animal rescue shelter called Bide-A-Wee, which is a no-kill an animal shelter located in New York that helps shelter dogs and cats that have been left abandoned.