Ryan Coogler has put together a good movie with Black Panther. One thing that people will notice with Black Panther is that while there are some funny moments, it is a serious film for the most part. A lot of films in the MCU have been released as comedic even going a little towards the slapstick. Some of the funny movies were advertised as dark and serious. For instance, Iron Man 3 was advertised as this heavy and dramatic film when it turned out to be a complete comedy.

However, even with Black Panther being a serious film, the funny moments are really funny and they do not draw attention to itself. It actually works well in the flow of the film. One thing that can hurt a film is if it seems to stop in order to tell a joke or force something funny in the film. One of the best things that Black Panther does is set up some characters in the film. Therefore, there will be some funnier characters and more serious characters, and they play off of each other well.

One thing that has helped Black Panther was when it was shown to Donald Glover. Donald was able to bring something into the mix that has made the film funnier without ruining the flow. Donald Glover himself has a lot of experience with comedy. He has worked in comedy and drama. He is starring in the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story as Lando Calrissian. He is showing himself to be a very capable actor in the projects that he is involved in. He has also appeared in the MCU in the movie Spider-Man Homecoming.