The focus of Dr. Dov Rand’s practice is summed up in its name, Healthy Aging Medical Centers. It is located in West Orange, New Jersey. The practice helps patients to restore their bodies to an ideal state of health. Beginning by focusing on restoring healthy hormone levels, educating patients on proper nutrition and supplementation, and exercise.

Dr. Dov Rand starts by teaching his patients the balance of eating a healthy amount of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. He also teaches patients about supplementation. This includes the benefits of ingesting the proper amounts and types of Fish Oil, Vitamin D, and other key vitamins and minerals that assist the patient’s metabolism.

Dr. Dov Rand is well known in the community as a specialist in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement. As we age the “bad” hormones in our bodies increase; while the “good” hormones in our bodies decrease. It is possible to restore the balance of these hormones back to a youthful state. Dr. Dov Rand is able to assist his patients to achieve the health of a much younger person. These patients see improvement in vitality, vigor, increased muscle strength, weight loss, improved cholesterol profiles, cancer and other disease prevention.

Not all hormones are equal so it is important to seek the expertise of a specialist, such as Dr. Dov Rand when attempting to restore hormonal balances. There are two main types of hormone therapy: those that are chemically identical to the ones in your body and those that are synthetic hormones. Chemical hormones are not safe, numerous studies have shown them to be damaging to the body. On the other hand, Bioidentical hormones, are safe and effective.

Dr. Dov Rand’s comprehensive approach to optimal health and age management includes exercise. Strength training and cardio are necessary for achieving optimal health. There are many benefits to exercise including increased muscle mass and decreased body fat.

By educating his patients about restoring a healthy hormone balance, nutrition, and exercise Dr. Dov Rand is proving to be leading the charge against aging. His patients can live a fuller life regardless of their age.