Duncan Jones, the director of Moon and Source Code has recently finished a movie called Mute. A trailer for the upcoming movie has recently been released. However, Duncan Jones has been trying to get this project finished for a while. When it was first being developed, it was supposed to be a story that took place in the Blade Runner universe. However, it is finally finished and being ready for release. The only thing that has not carried over is its Blade Runner universe setting. However, it does have a similar set design to the films.

Duncan Jones is already thinking about his next movie. The next film is going to be an adaptation of one of the 2000AD characters. While Judge Dress has already been taken, there are tons of comic book characters that can make an appearance in a film. As of right now, he is in the early stages of looking for a comic character to adapt to the big screen. One thing that is certain is that he is looking for someone that is going to be as engaging as Judge Dredd if not more engaging.

As for Judge Dredd, there is a plan to bring him to the TV screen with a series under the title Judge Dredd: Mega City One. It is very likely to not be a continuation of the rebooted Judge Dredd film. However, Karl Urban is thinking about reprising his role as the Judge in this new adaptation. One thing that is certain is that the set design of the series is looking to be different from the most recent film. It will likely be a cross between the 2012 reboot and the 1995 Sylvester Stallone starring vehicle.