Leave it to Ellen DeGeneres to bring laughter to the Halloween season. She has resurrected her ‘Karla Kardashian’ costume on her talk show. Karla is another sister that Ellen made up to spoof the Kardashian family. She’s about ten months pregnant. ‘Karla,’ told the audience that either she was pregnant, or her butt pads were on backwards. Her lady lumps were quite large and brought much laughter to the audience.

Kim is expecting her third child with her husband, Kayne West. The recent baby boom has given DeGeneres much material to work with. Khloe is expecting her first child with her boy friend, Tristan Thompson. If that isn’t enough baby news, Kylee Jenner is also expecting a child. Grandma Kris is going to have a house full of grandchildren by the time the next holiday season rolls around.

To make the spoof a bit more interesting, ‘Karla’ wanted to share a secret with the audience. She announced that Kourtney was pregnant too. However, what guests in the audience didn’t know was that Kourtney was there to set the record straight. She is not pregnant. The 38-year old star got into a tiff with her ‘sister’ on the show.

It was then that Karla realized that she got the sisters name wrong. It was Kendall who was pregnant and not Kourtney. She went on to apologize for her error, but before she could finish her sentence, Kendall appeared to expose Karla for lying. It seems that Karla has memory problems and all these expectant sisters have confused the poor dear.

Neither Kendall or Kourtney are pregnant. The spoof was just to get a good laugh and a way to bring two of the most famous sisters ever onto the television show. Good one Ellen! She always knows how to make people laugh.