Many fans of pop music likely remember when Camila Cabello left musical group Fifth Harmony to pursue other endeavors. That being said, her announcement was made on December 16th, 2016 which gave fans hope that this band would still continue on. Unfortunately, Fifth Harmony recently announced that the band will be splitting up for good.

This band took to their official Twitter account in order to inform fans of the sad news. However, there is good news for fans who are still in possession of Fifth Harmony tickets for upcoming shows. InStyle reports that the band will still be appearing at all scheduled shows, further seeming to show that this split isn’t one done out of hostility between band members.

While you might not think you’ve heard of this band, you’ve probably listened to more than one of their songs. For instance, their hit Worth It was heavily used in cosmetic commercials. Fifth Harmony’s other notable hits included He Like That, That’s My Girl, and Work From Home. Fans of the band should still remain optimistic know that each band member plans on focusing on solo projects. This could mean hearing a lot more from members of Fifth Harmony in the near future, albeit as separate musical acts.

To summarize, Fifth Harmony recently announced that their time as a band will soon be coming to an end. A post was made on Fifth Harmony’s official Twitter account on March 19th that gave a heartfelt message to fans of the band. It was stated by the band that each member plans on focusing on solo musical projects. One reason why this is taking place could be due to Camila’s success after leaving the group but this is unknown.