Freedom checks have the same problem as cryptorcureny, nobody really understand what they are. It is easy to see why. First off freedom check are called freedom checks, which sounds iffy in of itself. Secondly, the commercial where investor Matt Badiali hold one triumphantly and says you can have one just like it looks like a scam. It should because it is following the same script as patriot checks did a while before, and they were a scam. But freedom checks are not a scam, they are actually a legitimate investment.

Matt Badilai is a investment guru, he is an individual who is so good at working the market other people follow him to see what he does. He serves as a featured editor for Banyan Hill Publishing, writing a weekly newsletter with quite the following. His expertise is in natural resource investments, resources like gas and oil. Badiali is actually a geologist, and he is able to use his knowledge to learn which natural resource companies are legit. He also knows everything about the market, which is why he knows about statute 26-F, a tax break that allows the investment he calls freedom checks to occur. Read more about Freedom Checks at

Basically, natural resource companies that deal in 90% natural resources get a significant tax break as long as 90% of their revenue is paid to their stakeholders. Under the statute these companies can allocate those payments at any time, monthly or quarterly is usually the way they go. These companies do not get taxed until after they disperse profits, and since 90% of those profits are handed out, it only leaves 10% to be taxed. So if someone wants part of that 90% payout, all they have to do is buy stakes in the company.

This is what Matt Badilai is offering, to become a stakeholder in a natural resource company, and receive a regular payout from said company in the form of a private check. It is a legitimate investment, completely above board, and can be purchased for as low as $10 dollars. Read more: