Sleeping in tents and going days without showering is not appealing to some people, even if it means getting to see some great music. Now you can see some great music without giving up the good life thanks to the brand new Fyre Festival that is taking place this spring. Already models are lining up on the beaches in the Bahamas taking photos to help publicize the event, and if the sultry press video featuring Bella Hadid is any indication, it is going to be the hottest festival of the year.

According to Bravo TV, There are several masterminds behind the new Fyre Festival, but one of them is Ja Rule which should offer some confidence that this event is going to be done up. In short, the Fyre Festival is going to be a three day chance to party like celebrities party, but for anyone that ponies up the money for a ticket and jumps on a plane.

The tickets start at $1,500 which includes a flight from Miami, Florida to the island, a place to stay on the island, and concert tickets which is not that bad. The all-inclusive music festival also includes the chance to explore the private Fyre Island and take part in a treasure hunt where the total worth of treasures reach towards a million dollars.

While it may be billed as a music festival, the Fyre Festival is really an extensive vacation that allows you to pop in on concerts from all genres, visit special art installations, sample food from some of the best chefs in the world, and relax on the beach if you have a free minute or two.

Timed to take place during Spring Break, the festival is likely going to be the place to be for anyone that wants to live the high life for a few days.

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