If there’s anything we know about pop diva Ariana Grande at this point, it’s that she can mimic practically any musical artist out there. With an uncanny impression of Britney Spears and more, she has always shined when it comes to imitating her peers. This time, however, late-night host Jimmy Fallon planned to put her skills to the test with a “random” genre generator on his show. First, she would receive a type of musical style. For example, her first spin yielded “goth rock” as an option. The twist was that she was tasked with performing the Kendrick Lamar hit “Humble” in this style, which is about as difficult a challenge as one can imagine. However, if there’s anyone on the planet who could master such a challenge, it’s Grande.

Later on in the segment, she was challenged with singing Drake’s song “God’s Plan” in the guise of a nineties diva. As always, Grande managed to slay the audience with her renditions. Jimmy Fallon, however, was also no slouch when it came to doing a tango with his random genre generator. Although it seems somewhat counterintuitive to sing Lil’ Jon’s hit “Yeah!” with a country twang, Fallon managed as best he could. His ska rendition of an Ed Sheehan song was a lot easier for him, perhaps coming more naturally than the aforementioned mash-up. A bit of a musical maestro himself, Fallon has always benefited from the presence of famous Philly band The Roots holding him down. This time was no exception, with the band doing their best to help him out as he struggled with some of the more difficult openings and transitions. As far as late-night entertainment shows go, this was definitely one for the books.