Green Day fans have been clamoring for new music since shortly after the band’s last album, Revolution Radio, dropped in 2016. And while there aren’t any fresh Green Day tracks to celebrate quite yet, the group’s frontman, Billie Joe Armstrong, surprised the music community by revealing his new “side” band, The Longshot, and releasing a full-length album, Love is for Losers, on 20 April.

Little had been said about The Longshot, Love is for Losers, and/or Armstrong’s involvement in the project, prior to this full-scale reveal. Armstrong released a few “teaser” tracks and posted some cryptic social media messages directing users to the band’s account, but fans were left unaware of who its members were, what type of album Love is for Losers would be, how long it’d been in development, and so on and so forth.

There’s a lot more information available presently. First, the album itself features 11 tracks—eight of which are less than three minutes in length, and are accordingly thought to represent a return for Armstrong to the “short and sweet” style of his early-career music. Next, an official video has been released for “Love is for Losers,” a song that shares the name of the album itself, and can be viewed here. Lastly, The Longshot is comprised of Armstrong, and Jeff Matika (Green Day’s “on-tour” guitarist), David Field, and Kevin Preston.

As was noted, Love is for Losers isn’t quite the album that Green Day fans have been anticipating. But, the album is a readily available offering from Green Day’s frontman, and if the attention the work has attracted thus far is any indication, quite a few listeners are enjoying it.

The Longshot is presently touring in support of their album. Additional tour dates will be revealed in the near future, according to the band’s social media pages.