For those who were expecting unconventional indie pop princess Grimes to have a conventional relationship, think again. Her recent appearance at the Met Gala—on the arm of tech entrepreneur Elon Musk—set more than a few tongues wagging in the gossip world. Reportedly, the whole thing started because Musk was considering making a joke about Rococo’s Basilisk—but then he took to Twitter and discovered that Grimes, who was born Claire Elise Boucher, had already made the same joke three years prior. After that, he felt compelled to reach out to the songstress, and the rest is history.


At the Met Gala, Grimes even chose to accessorize with some Tesla-inspired jewelry, perhaps letting the public know that this is no fling. Furthermore, Grimes even took to Twitter to suggest that she was thinking about changing her name from Claire to “c”—to represent the speed of light. When a follower of Grimes’ suggested that perhaps this was the influence of Musk, she actually agreed! Of course, this is far from the first time that the artist has stepped into the spotlight. Fans of indie pop have been swooning over her tunes for some time now.


Her 2012 album received widespread acclaim, delighting both critics and consumers alike. Her vocals, as well as the eclectic arrangements of her compositions, have yielded a lot of praise. She’s been making music for over a decade now, and she dropped out of McGill University in order to pursue her career in music. Born in Vancouver, Grimes is of Quebecois and Ukrainian ancestry. Her relationship with Musk is not her first high-profile romance, so she’s used to dealing with life on the red carpet.