If you enjoy a good glass of wine now and then, and want a home business at the same time, why not put the two together and make money with Traveling Vineyard? They have a unique approach to marketing wine. It is done through home parties.

When you host a home party for Traveling Vineyard, they take care of everything. All you need to do is supply the home and invite some friends. Traveling Vineyard will supply the party invitations and all the rest, including some all-important order forms so that you can sell wines during your first party.

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Wine purchases are done by impulse sales for the most part. Studies indicate that 80% of all sales of wine are impulse sales. Think of the sales possible when people are aware that they will be tasting and buying wine beforehand.

After your wine party and all the orders, ask a friend to host a party. In exchange for hosting the party for you, he or she will be given a special discount and some gifts, or other arrangements can be made. Now you have two groups of people: your first group of friends who might be ready to re-order, and a new group. It grows from there. Now, you are well on your way to having a thriving at home business. You have made new friends and customers, and your business can grow. Why not contact Traveling Vineyard and ask them if it is right for you?