The Crown is a critically acclaimed series on Netflix, which originally aired in 2016. It has since aired a second season, which was also highly well-received. The Crown chronicles the life of Queen Elizabeth II of England. The series begins right before she takes the throne and follows her throughout her journey, in which she learns to navigate the intricacies of politics while under an immense amount of pressure from both her family, as well as the public. The first and second seasons featured Claire Foy, who played Queen Elizabeth, while Vanessa Kirby played her younger sister, Princess Margaret.

As the story progresses and the characters age, different actors will assume the roles. It was recently announced that Olivia Colman will play the queen in seasons three and four and even more recently, it was announced that Helena Bonham Carter will be playing Princess Margaret in the upcoming seasons. This has fans of both The Crown, as well as of Helena Bonham Carter’s previous work, very excited. She has played in various blockbuster films, such as the Harry Potter series, Sweeney Todd, Big Fish, Disney’s Cinderella, the Alice in Wonderland series, Les Miserables, the King’s Speech, and Dark Shadows.

Her previous acting experience makes her an excellent candidate for this role. She brings so much depth and originality to the roles she undertakes. This will also likely translate into her upcoming role in The Crown and make her one of the most intriguing characters featured within the series. Princess Margret, in previous seasons, has been rather unlucky in her romantic endeavors and was a bit more free-spirited than her regal counterpart. This lead to her becoming a very dynamic character that existed outside the realm of what you would expect from the royal family. She displayed vulnerability and, at times, a disdain for her position. Her often broody disposition is one that Helena Bonham Carter is notorious for portraying.