Nothing, I mean absolutely nothing, prepares you for being hacked. I know. I was hacked – twice in one month.

I remember the day of the first hacking clearly. I rank it right up there with the JFK assassination and the attack on the twin towers in New York. It was December, the month of my twin boys birthday and, of course, Christmas. I was totally humiliated when my card was declined.


Once home, I called my bank’s customer service and the woman representative told me in a rehearsed tone that I was hacked and closed the account. Hacked? Who me? The next morning found me sitting across from an account manager, who cheerfully told me how her account was hacked. It was, and is, a growing national problem.


The problem is large enough to have caused President Donald Trump to sign an executive order looking to improve cyber security in the United States. Every sector is coming under increased attacks causing damage to companies, governments and individuals.


In a world where hacking is so prevalent and because I was hacked, I never wanted to experience that again. I sought a solution and found Rubica. Let me tell you, Rubica has lifted my burden of worry. Their cyber-team has me totally covered. Rubica has a solution for you too.

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