This is how a good sequel should be done. Infinity War united all of the characters of the MCU. It shows them in their worst position while at the same time, making sure that they are being respectful to the character. The Russo Brothers have done a good job at not only presenting a very cohesive story with a lot of drama and suspense, but also using comedy in a well timed and thoughtful manner. For one thing, there are a lot of comedic characters. At the same time, the comedy does not take away from the overall film. Instead, it adds to the film.

Given that Infinity War has come out and has made a huge impact in the industry as a whole, there are a lot of comparisons being made. For one thing, a lot of people are comparing it to Justice League. Infinity War has surpassed Justice League in such a short amount of time which shouldn’t be surprising because Justice League wasn’t that well received. Also, Avengers: Infinity War is the third overall Avengers film. The only thing is that it has been following well received and well executed films, whereas Justice League has been following a series that has started out mediocre, but has steadily declined in quality with each film.

One good comparison that can be made is between Infinity War and The Last Jedi. Both movies had an ensemble of characters that they had to deal. However, The Last Jedi failed because it went into arbitrary directions. Infinity War kept everything cohesive and all of the different subplots have come together in a satisfying way. Another interesting factor is that where The Last Jedi (seemingly) throws away a character that has been built up in the overall story, Infinity War delivers on the promise that the previews of their major character has given.