Many of the fans of the Avengers who have seen Infinity War are aware of one moment that was rather pivotal for the film. One scene that stands out in the film is the scene where Starlord, played by Chris Pratt tries to kill Gamora. That scene where Starlord shoots and bubbles come out was originally meant to play differently. James Gunn has interjected on this part of the screenplay and decided that Peter Quill actually would fulfill his promise to Gamora if Thanos would take her. However, the scene played out the same with Thanos’s power.


Many people know the tragic scene that followed after the failed attempt. Either way, this was one point of the film where things got even bleaker. Infinity War has turned out to be a bleak film from the opening logo all the way to the end of the film. It has started out as a scary film. Then it has become a war film that has culminated in tragedy and loss. The interesting part of this film is that it is clearly the first film in a 2 part series. At the same time, the next film is going to be completely different.


Even though a lot of key characters have died, some of them have sequels planned. However, this doesn’t mean much to say that they will come back to life. Some suggest that the sequels may take place before Infinity War. At the same time, they are also saying that some of the characters that have been snapped out of existence are going to return in a film that takes place after the events of Avengers 4.