In a surprise move, Deadpool director Tim Miller is apparently working on a solo film for X-Men character Kitty Pryde.

This comes shortly after Fox also announced plans for a movie about Multiple Man, a very obscure character. Kitty Pryde has at least appeared in other X-Men films (most notably X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men: Days of Future Past, where she was played by Ellen Page). With the ability to turn intangible and walk through solid object, she has worked under the name Shadowcat, Ariel, Sprite and Star-Lord in the comics.

The idea for this film was apparently made before the recent buy-out where Disney acquired most of Fox’s properties, including their rights to the X-Men film franchise. The project is apparently moving forward regardless; while Disney may pull the plug on it at some point in the future, executives have said that they want to continue at least some of the X-Men movies in development, including Deadpool 2.

It is unsure what the new Kitty Pryde film could be about. Many of her adventures involve her as a sidekick of Wolverine, whose future in the franchise is questionable with Hugh Jackman retiring from the role. Though now that she is owned by Disney, she could join the Guardians of the Galaxy, as she has recently in the comics.

Fox seems to be hoping that they can take relatively minor characters and give them their own successful films, as they did with Deadpool and as the Marvel Cinematic Universe has done since its inception. This is a welcome change to simply having Wolverine star in every X-film, but whether or not it is a viable strategy remains to be seen.