During 2016, Global Tel Link made a number of statements in its press releases that were false and inaccurate. Leading telecommunications company Securus Technologies discovered these inaccuracies and looked to correct them. Over the past few months, Securus Technologies has looked to make corrections on statements made by Global Tel Link. Therefore, the company has presented to the public a number of counter statements that not only prove Global Tel Link to be wrong, but also maintain its own credibility among consumers. With these corrections, Securus Technologies has been able to maintain and improve its overall credibility.


Securus Technologies discovered a number of statements made by Global Tel Link that were not true. Due to the nature of the statements, Securus Technologies spent a lot of time and effort making counter statements to the public and the media. It did this in order to prove that it is not an unethical company looking to steal intellectual property. Many of the statements made by Global Tel Link are about patents and its efforts to pursue litigation against Securus Technologies. However, Securus Technologies has assured the public that it has never committed any wrongdoing and no legal action against them is valid.


However, Securus countered that claim by saying that Global Tel Link is currently unable to pursue litigation against them.  In other allegations made by Global Tel Link, the company claimed that it was able to preserve a patent that allows them to use technology for video visitation monitoring in prisons. According to Securus, the company has limited patents on this particular product.