There was a time when the summer blockbuster consisted of June, July, and August. This all seems to be changing thanks largely to Marvel. Marvel has been releasing big films. At the same time, these films have been grossing tons of money. Disney has also been releasing high grossing films which has contributed to the change in perspective when it comes to the summer blockbuster. This is not to say that big movies are no longer getting released during the actual summer season. All that is happening is that the movies that are coming out are generating a lot of profits.

While the summer movie season has grown to be more than just the 3 months of summer, the change has not been very sudden. As far back as the mid 90s was when the summer movie season started expanding. 1997 kicked off the summer movie season with The Fifth Element and The Lost World: Jurassic Park. The first 3 Mission Impossible films were released in May with the first of the movies being released in 1996. However, it has gotten to the point where action movies are being released almost every week of the year.

Another interesting thing to look at when it comes to the summer movie season is that it is not going to have the usual big epics this year. While it is going to have a lot of action movies this year, the big epics are out of the way of the summer. Alita: Battle Angel, a movie produced by James Cameron has been pushed back to December. Either way, this is going to be the biggest year yet for Marvel only to be outdone by next year with the finale Avengers 4.