Matt Badiali recently became a member of the Banyan Hill Publishing team, working as their natural resources expert. In this position Badiali researches as well as recommends different investment opportunities in many different natural resources such as mining and agriculture. He makes these recommendations for the readers of Banyan Hill Publishing’s newsletter. Within the investment industry, Matt Badiali is one of the leading experts in natural resources. He had years of experience before joining Banyan Hill Publishing which include working on numerous drill rigs, speaking at many different geological conferences, consulting different environmental companies and also inspecting many different mines.

Before Matt Badiali became a natural resources expert with Banyan Hill Publishing, he worked as Stansberry Research’s editor for their monthly advisory known as the Stansberry Research Resource Report. This report focused on different investments in things like energy and metals, as well as many other natural resources.

Badiali went to school to become a geologist. He studied at Penn State University where he earned his Bachelors of Science in Earth Sciences and then went on to attend Florida Atlantic University to earn his Masters degree in Geology. Badiali plans to use his education as well as his experience to explore all of the different investment opportunities for his readers.

To be able to provide the best for his readers, Matt Badiali makes sure that he works very hands-on. He has no problem going wherever he may have to and has no limitations on who he talks to. Badiali’s dedication to his job and to his readers has taken him to numerous places including Iraq, Turkey, Haiti, Singapore, Hong Kong, New Guinea and Switzerland, as well as many other places all around the world. In these places he has also visited many different oil wells as well as mines, discussed latest resource prospects about the mines and oil wells with their CEOs and even analyzed all of the geological data.

While working at Banyan Hill Publishing, Badiali has learned that unless you go and see it for yourself you don’t truly know what is going on. Matt Badiali likes to see the conditions that are taking place at each location, such as how smoothly a hole is being drilled, as well as checking on all of the investments. His belief is that the very best way you can make sure that an investors investment is safe is to go out and see it for yourself.