Solo: A Star Wars Story has been wrapped in secrecy for an unusually long time. Other Star Wars events like Rogue One, The Last Jedi, and even the original Star Wars back in 1977 has had announcements and trailers released at least almost a half of a year in advance of its release. Solo is supposed to be released on Memorial day weekend and it is a mere 5 months before its release before a trailer finally gets released. The teaser for the trailer is finally released and the reactions to the trailer are mixed at best. People are finding themselves to be concerned for the portrayal of young Han Solo.

One thing that people have been saying about Han Solo is that he does not have the voice, the charisma, or any of the other qualities that Harrison Ford had from the first moment he stepped into the role. There are a few theories. For one thing, Han Solo is supposed to be in his late teens or early twenties. People often do not grow into their own until they reach their later twenties. A lot of people also said that Harrison Ford as Han Solo in The Force Awakens was not the Han Solo they knew from the Star Wars Trilogy. This could be due to age and experience.

The teaser to Solo: A Star Wars Story has shown some other characters. Among the other actors that were showcased in Solo was Donald Glover who was recognizable as Lando Calrissian. He might be the one person that steals the show in the film. After all, Lando was a charming character in The Empire Strikes Back. However, he has taken a backseat in Return of the Jedi.