If you are a parent of a child who loves music, then you may want to listen to music with them. Studies have shown that parents and children who listen to music together have better relationships. Researchers have found that adolescents who listen to music with their parents report being closer to them.

The researchers surveyed young adults. The average age of the participants was 21. They were asked about how much time they spend listening to music with their parents when they were younger. They stated that listening to music with their parents helped them have a better relationship with their parents.

Jake Harwood is the co-author of the study and a professor at UA Department of Communication. He stated that it is common for parents and children to listen to music together while the child is growing up. However, this becomes less common as the child grows up.

Sandi Wallace is a student who used the project as an undergraduate research project. She stated that it is interesting to see how music can have a positive effect on parent-child relationships. Jake and Sandi both have explanations for why listening to music helps improve relationships.

Studies have shown that when people do activities together, they start to like each other more. Doing activities together also helps people develop empathy. They have an easier time understanding each other.

It is important for parents to realize that listening to music does not have to be a difficult experience. For example, you can listen to music while you are in the car together. The researchers also stated that listening to music together does not mean that parents and children will have a perfect relationship. However, it is a great way to bond.