Being a longtime fan of Neil Young’s music, I’m glad to hear that the legendary rocker has released a new album titled “Paradox.” Because I wanted to learn more about the album, I just went to the Rolling Stone website, where I found an article that provides useful information about “Paradox.”

In addition to providing a brief overview of the new Neil Young work, the Rolling Stone article that I just read offers short descriptions of new albums by nine other musical artists.

The selection of songs on the new Neil Young album is described as “diverse,” with a small amount of melody and a lot of casual guitar lines present.

An album titled “Twenty-two In Blue” by a trio from Brooklyn named Sunflower Bean gets a good review in the article, as does the new “Ceremony of Dreams” album from the 1970s jazz ensemble Entourage.

The always-creative Jack White has just released a new album titled “Boarding House Reach.” According to Rolling Stone, the album is an expansive, rocking collection of tunes that is “spiritually hungry and collectively driven,” among other things.

A new album named “Space Gun” by the indie-rock band Guided By Voices features the band’s ‘classic’ 1990s lineup of members, and leader Robert Pollard’s recent songwriting gets a thumbs-up from Rolling Stone.

The Messthetics are a rock trio from the D.C. area whose new, self-titled album is recommended by Rolling Stone, as is the debut solo effort from Erika Wennerstrom of the Heartless Bastards rock band.

Rolling Stone is always a good source of information about the latest releases in the music world, and I’m glad that I learned about all of these other new releases when I was originally looking up the new Neil Young album.