There is a lot of news surrounding the Fast and Furious spin-off with the current title of Hobbs and Shaw. One of the most recent news is that David Leitch has been assigned to direct the upcoming spin-off. One thing that he has stated is that even though the film is in the Fast and Furious franchise, it is going to have its own tone. Therefore, this is one way that it can match the success of the mainline franchise. Dwayne Johnson is definitely up for this upcoming film which is going to be released in the next year.

While the initial plot description of the film states that Hobbs is reluctantly teaming up with Shaw, the most recent film in the Fast and Furious franchise has shown that they have taken care of their beef because they have found out who was behind all of this. Also, this couldn’t take place before Fate of the Furious because it is implied that Shaw was imprisoned ever since. It is very likely the spin-off is going to take place after the recent film with them teaming up to take on Cypher. With the tone of the spin-off looking to be different from the other films, this might work well.

As for the mainline films, there are only two more left, and it is uncertain whether Dwayne Johnson is going to return to the films. For one thing, there is bad blood with him and some of the other stars in the franchise. Tyrese himself has taken a stance against him. Dwayne has been frustrated with the work ethics of some of the other stars in the franchise as well.