Pop music star, Taylor Swift has had a change of heart when it comes to doing business with Spotify. The singer had written a scathing piece about the streaming industry several years ago where she blasted streaming services like Spotify. Her editorial attacking music streaming was published in the Wall Street Journal and quickly gained notoriety. Swift then removed her music from streaming services such as Spotify and was associated with a distrust of music streaming.

Now it seems that the bad blood between the music streaming industry and pop star Taylor Swift is buried in the past. Swift’s records have reappeared on Spotify, where fans can now listen to her music once again. In another move of rapprochement, Swift has announced that a brand new video for one of her hit songs will be released exclusively on Spotify. The new video is for the song called Delicate.

Taylor Swift even made a brief clip where she encouraged fans to come check out her new video on Spotify. She tweeted out the message and clip, which was then retweeted by the CEO of Spotify with three flame emojis. We assume the three flame emojis are a symbolism of the excitement that CEO, Daniel EK had when he heard the news.

Having music stars such as Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber work with music streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music are a big plus for the music streaming industry as a whole. When such stars blast the industry, they create mistrust and confusion for fans and people who want to listen to music. It is good to see a rapprochement occur between Swift and Ek. They are both big players in the music industry right now, and if they work together, they can achieve some big things.

Swift’s announcement of her exclusive new video comes at the same time that Apple Music announced it is getting into the music video act as well. Apple Music said that it would have exclusive videos for artists such as Beck and a Tribe Called Quest. Perhaps the Taylor Swift announcement has something to do with competition between Apple Music and Spotify? It sure seems like it.