Nick Vertucci is a successful businessman who knows what it is like to struggle in life. He was out on his own as an 18 year old. Nick lived out of his van and searched desperately to find an avenue of success. He knew that he had an entrepreneurial spirit. Nick began selling computers and eventually developed his computer sales job into a business of his own. Nick’s computer sales company did very well. He got married and started a family. Nick and his wife had the life of their dreams until the Dot Com crash of 2000. Nick and his family immediately went back to the basics.

Nick Vertucci worked desperately to keep his situation above water. He and his wife had very little income between them. They came close to losing everything they had. Vertucci blamed himself for not saving the money he had made in the past for a rainy day in the future. Yet, he knew an opportunity would come if he simply paid attention. Nick was invited to a real estate seminar by a friend of his. This event would change his life forever.

Nick Vertucci reluctantly attended the seminar. He was not in the mood to sit through a lecture. Nick did not know what the class would cost. He and his family needed money right away. The course was 3 days. Vertucci began to consume the information. He knew that this would be something that he could use and turn into a big success if you had the patience.

Nick Vertucci has gone on to be a tremendous success in real estate. It took him decades to build a business model that worked for him. He developed a style of work that matched his No Nonsense attitude. Vertucci is now dedicating his time to helping others realize financial success.

Nick Vertucci uses his past experiences as a method to motivate others. He struggled in the beginning of his life and also when living with his Mom. Nick lost his father at a young age and his mother was forced to look after the family. She worked hard to make ends meet. Nick credits this with developing his appreciation for work ethic.