It is not a get rich overnight process, and it takes careful calculations along with risk-taking and making sure you know what you’re doing, but getting into real estate is a great idea if you’re looking to make real wealth in ways that don’t rely on a volatile stock market or trying to get into a private equity firm. Nick Vertucci learned how to do it, and though he eventually made his millions in doing so it took years of learning for him to do it. But the good news is he’s now revealing what he learned to others at his NV Real Estate Academy, and the time it takes to learn there is much shorter and can be done by anyone with the will to learn.

Nick Vertucci has a genuine story of how he came from deep poverty and fulfilled his American dream of living debt-free and improving his family’s quality of life. When he was young his family had to work extra hard just to get by, and things got even tougher after his father died and his mother had to work extra hours. He never had the opportunity to attend college due to lack of money, and instead he had to live out of his vehicle for a few years as a young adult. Nick Vertucci did come across some good fortune around the early 1990s when he learned about computer hardware, and before long he managed to save a little money to start his own sales business. In time this business grew quite large, and he eventually bought a home and then married his sweetheart and began his new life as a father. But just when he thought everything was great, things took a turn for the worse.

In 2000, the tech industry, which had become the stock market’s goldmine saw its bubble burst, and many new web-based companies collapsed including Vertucci’s. He now found himself out of cash and extremely deep in debt. Not finding any other recourse, he began losing much of his valuables, but it was a friend who turned out to be his saving grace. That friend invited Nick Vertucci to a conference that went over real estate concepts and covered terminology. It didn’t make sense right away to Vertucci, but he became convinced there was something to the real estate market. So he began doing his own work on it, and before long he was buying homes that he would either sell or rent out. In time he achieved the wealth he had always dreamed of, but he started the academy because he wanted others to know how to do it. The NV Real Estate Academy emphasizes establishing a network, using tools like a 401k or IRA to fund investments and being able to spot good buying and selling deals to multiply your wealth.