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Killmonger Represents The Audience

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One interesting thing about Black Panther is the villain of the film. While Black Panther shows Wakanda and the culture as something that we as a people strive to be, Killmonger is also representation of us as we are now. He is both the best and the worst of us. When it was stated that Killmonger has real world sensibilities, it meant that Killmonger is actually the voice of those that have been oppressed trying to be noticed by those who have not experienced oppression and poverty. This actually brings a “Tale of Two Cities” element to the Black Panther film.

One interesting thing is that Killmonger not only represents the audience members, particularly those that have come from a history with oppression, he is also one who represents the person who has the knowledge and the skills needed to gain some of the riches from a thriving group with the intentions of spreading it out to others who have been oppressed. It also shows the perception of those who have waited it out and have had enough.

One thing that can be said about oppression is that the oppressors are not necessarily going to have a change of heart. At some point, the oppressed realize that they are going to have to go out and take the type of freedom that they want for themselves. This is one thing that Killmonger has attempted to do. While people have fought for Wakanda, Killmonger has fought for the people in the rest of the world. One thing that can be said about Killmonger is that he is truly a tragic and heartbreaking character in the film’s narrative.

Shervin Pishevar Fears the Lack of Innovation in America

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Shervin Pishevar has never been afraid to make bold predictions, even when the vast majority of the investment world has seen things otherwise. He recently continued this trend, returning to Twitter after a brief hiatus, in order to discuss a myriad of controversial issues that he believes will shape the financial culture of the globe for years to come. In his Twitter rant, Shervin Pishevar discussed a number of key topics, including the United State’s traditional practice of exporting inflation, the fall of several key conglomerates, and the failing infrastructure of America.

During this tweetstorm, he also discussed the status of the US stock market, predicting a major dropoff over the course of the next few months.

It only took one day for Shervin Pishevar’s comments regarding the stock exchange to trend in that direction, as the Dow Jones plummeted an incredible 500 points in less than one hours, while the S&P, industrials, and bonds began looking more vulnerable than any points in recent history. If Shervin Pishevar’s thoughts regarding the stock market continue to trend in the predicted direction, it will be in stark contrast to the beliefs of the leader of the free world, United States President Donald Trump. President Trump, who is very active on Twitter, has continuously backed the upward trends shown by the US stock market over the course of several years, but if Mr. Pishevar is correct, this is sure to come to an end. He even began a new hashtag which quickly caught fire on Twitter called, TrumpDump, in response to the US President’s incorrect backing.

One of the more important issues that Shervin Pishevar touched on during his 50-plus tweet rant, was the infrastructure and innovation (or lack thereof) of the United States, which when compared to places like China, is severely behind. According to Mr. Pishevar, the lack of innovation in America today has a direct correlation with the loss of power in Silicon Valley, as “the American way” has now become the “global way,” as well as the power of companies like Amazon and Google, that have consistently swallowed up smaller competition, essentially eliminating true innovation.

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Producer States That Killmonger is not Evil for Goals But Has Wrong Methods

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One of the aspects of Black Panther that has stood out with the audience is Killmonger. He is often regarded as one of the best villains in the MCU. One thing that they will say about Killmonger is that he is someone that many people will agree with. Even the main protagonist has seen his point and the tragedy of the character. One thing that producer Nate Moore says about the Black Panther film is that the main antagonist of the film is not evil for his goals. He just has some really bad methods.

The one thing that Killmonger wanted to do in the film was not become the King of Wakanda. Being a king was the means to an end. Instead, he has wanted to help the less fortunate overcome oppression. He was sort of a Robin Hood in a way. He has wanted to gain the wealth of a culture in order to use it to the better of others in the world. In a way, Killmonger does achieve his goals for Wakanda in that T’Challa decides to use Vibranium for the good of other cultures in the world.

This is one of the best antagonists a film has had. This could start a new method of looking at antagonists. One other thing that could be done in order to make a compelling antagonist is bring about a relationship in which both the protagonist and antagonist learn from each other. While there may be a little bit of tension, it is solved through conversation as opposed to just fighting it out with one man standing and one man dying. Black Panther has brought a lot of good things to the industry.

Duncan Jones Considering a Movie in 2000 AD Judge Dredd Universe

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Duncan Jones, the director of Moon and Source Code has recently finished a movie called Mute. A trailer for the upcoming movie has recently been released. However, Duncan Jones has been trying to get this project finished for a while. When it was first being developed, it was supposed to be a story that took place in the Blade Runner universe. However, it is finally finished and being ready for release. The only thing that has not carried over is its Blade Runner universe setting. However, it does have a similar set design to the films.

Duncan Jones is already thinking about his next movie. The next film is going to be an adaptation of one of the 2000AD characters. While Judge Dress has already been taken, there are tons of comic book characters that can make an appearance in a film. As of right now, he is in the early stages of looking for a comic character to adapt to the big screen. One thing that is certain is that he is looking for someone that is going to be as engaging as Judge Dredd if not more engaging.

As for Judge Dredd, there is a plan to bring him to the TV screen with a series under the title Judge Dredd: Mega City One. It is very likely to not be a continuation of the rebooted Judge Dredd film. However, Karl Urban is thinking about reprising his role as the Judge in this new adaptation. One thing that is certain is that the set design of the series is looking to be different from the most recent film. It will likely be a cross between the 2012 reboot and the 1995 Sylvester Stallone starring vehicle.

Jeff Aronin’s Paragon Biosciences Invents New Treatments for Rare Diseases

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Paragon Biosciences – Who We Are

Paragon Biosciences is a renown healthcare development and biopharmaceutical investment firm with a global impact. Paragon helps build companies that research and test medicinal products. The company is committed to scientific research and patients. Paragon’s track record boasts 13 FDA drug approvals since their conception over a decade ago.

Paragon has experienced staff readily available to develop and fund biotech companies with their innovative drug research programs. Paragon has a host of clinical professionals that provide expert support to entrepreneurs and companies that use breakthrough technology to create medical advances. In addition to funding, the company works hand-in-hand with collaborators to develop clinical trials to perfect medicines for patients across the world.


The Man Behind Paragon

Jeff Aronin has been at the helm of Paragon Biosciences as its Chairman and CEO since 2010. Aronin is also affiliated with several Paragon portfolio companies and founded Ovation Pharmaceuticals Inc. and served as its President and CEO in 2000. Jeff Aronin brings with him to the company a long line of leadership and expertise in global corporation management. He also has experience with structuring and executing major transactions, mergers and acquisitions. His daily management skills are second to none and have pushed Paragon Biosciences to the top of the biopharmaceutical industry.

Jeff Aronin also has an extensive background in finance and brand marketing, which greatly aid in setting up satellite companies. He uses all his skills to create a fine-tuned business that has cutting-edge plans for development. Aronin also brings his years of experience from working within a regulatory industry; therefore, he has a library of information on government regulations regarding biopharmaceuticals. Surely Jeff Aronin and Paragon Biosciences will continue to forge forward with medical breakthroughs to aide patients across the world.


Danny Boyle Might Direct Bond 25

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There is yet another James Bond movie in the works. As of right now, they are looking for directors to helm the next project. The next director that is being eyed for the project is Danny Boyle. Given that this is going to be fifth film in the Bond reboot, it is very likely that the Bond film series has grown into its formula. This series is taking cues from the older series. For instance, the recent film has returned the gunbarrel scene to the opening as opposed to the end of the film like in the two films before it. Casino Royale was a special affair in that it has used the gunbarrel scene as part of an action sequence in the film.

Daniel Craig has also revealed that he is going to play as Bond another time. It makes sense in this series given that this Bond is supposed to age and then eventually die in this series. This is a huge difference from the ageless spy of the previous 4 decades. In the real world, the Bond of the Connery/Moore/Brosnan era would be too old to move by the time it got to Die Another Day.

Daniel Craig’s Bond has been written a lot closer to the Ian Fleming novels. This series features Bond as more blunt and rough than some of the other Bond films. However, when Sean Connery has played as James Bond, he did show some kind of rawness of the “Double O” secret agent. The most recent film of Bond has shown Blofield, who in the previous series was a major enemy of James Bond, especially for killing his wife.

Donald Glover Gave Some Help In The Black Panther Script

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Ryan Coogler has put together a good movie with Black Panther. One thing that people will notice with Black Panther is that while there are some funny moments, it is a serious film for the most part. A lot of films in the MCU have been released as comedic even going a little towards the slapstick. Some of the funny movies were advertised as dark and serious. For instance, Iron Man 3 was advertised as this heavy and dramatic film when it turned out to be a complete comedy.

However, even with Black Panther being a serious film, the funny moments are really funny and they do not draw attention to itself. It actually works well in the flow of the film. One thing that can hurt a film is if it seems to stop in order to tell a joke or force something funny in the film. One of the best things that Black Panther does is set up some characters in the film. Therefore, there will be some funnier characters and more serious characters, and they play off of each other well.

One thing that has helped Black Panther was when it was shown to Donald Glover. Donald was able to bring something into the mix that has made the film funnier without ruining the flow. Donald Glover himself has a lot of experience with comedy. He has worked in comedy and drama. He is starring in the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story as Lando Calrissian. He is showing himself to be a very capable actor in the projects that he is involved in. He has also appeared in the MCU in the movie Spider-Man Homecoming.

Your Home Renovations Thanks to Aloha Construction

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If you currently live in Illinois, there is no better home construction and renovation company than Aloha Construction. Aloha Construction has been around for well over 10 years and is a family-owned and operated business. They have worked on over 7,000 different projects, both for homeowners and business owners. They also work with those who are less fortunate, providing their services either for free for for very little money. In fact, many people have chosen Aloha Construction because of their low costs and financing options. You’re able to get your home projects done without the hassle of trying to figure out how or when you’re going to be able to afford it.

The folks at Aloha Construction work on a number of different projects. These include roofing, siding, home inspections, gutters and window replacement. You can contact Aloha Construction for them to come out to your home to do a free inspection. After the inspection has been done, they will give you a quote for the work that needs to be done and when they are going to be able to start the work. They will then send their best workers out to get the project completed to your satisfaction and liking. They will not leave the project until you’re happy with the way it has gone.

There is a reason so many people in and around Illinois are choosing Aloha Construction for their household needs. If you are trying to get this work done on your own, put down the tools and call in the pros. Not only will you save time by contacting them, but you’re also going to find that the work just gets done more professionally. You will find that hiring these experts is easy and quick, since they can do the work even if you’re on a tight schedule and are not available all the time. They wok on a range of household projects, making it easy for you to choose them for just about anything and everything that you are going to want or need to have done for your own benefit and for the benefit of the property.

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Wakanda of Black Panther Was Inspired By Gotham of The Dark Knight

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One of the most memorable parts of Black Panther is the city of Wakanda. Ryan Coogler and the rest of the team has taken the time to think about the city of Wakanda. When they have thought through the designs, one inspiration that has come up was that of Gotham City in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy. However, Gotham City in Christopher Nolan’s trilogy has taken on subtle differences in appearance for each film. There have been other inspirations behind Wakanda. After all, the city of Wakanda has not only shown a futuristic landscape but also depicted a respect for tradition.

One thing that can be said for Black Panther is that the visuals were one of the best aspects of the film. There have been tons of good shots. There have also been a lot of attention paid to the attire of the characters. The cast was able to enjoy some of the greatest fashions which has brought out a sense of confidence in them. The way the characters carried themselves is very admirable. This shows a culture that is a lot different from what black movies usually show.

One of the best things about Black Panther is that even though it is to set up the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War, it is not played like a set up for the next film. It is its own film and contains its own universe. This also feels like a set up for the new beginning of the MCU which happens after Avengers 4. In a way, Black Panther is like the new Iron Man. The next two Avengers movies are going to be like an apocalypse which transitions to the next generation of Marvel heroes.

The Strange Assignment of a Second Screenplay for James Bond 25

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The James Bond films established a reputation for twists, turns, and surprises. At times, these things don’t always happen on screen. The behind-the-scenes developments associated with the making of the movies could be filled with unique happenings. The proposed Bond 25 film seems to be going through an upheaval of sorts. A new screenplay is being written. Since the screenplay may take several months to finish, the entire project could be delayed.

After the mild disappointment of Spectre, the future of the James Bond series seemed murky. Star Daniel Craig publicly quite the series, which certainly didn’t help perceptions about the franchise. Craig did agree to come back to appear as Bond one last time, but the producers also wished to attract a big-name director to the film.

Danny Boyle of Trainspotting fame seems to be the frontrunner for the job. Boyle, however, wishes to work on his own script and not be locked into filming the already completed script. Once Boyle’s version is submitted, the studio will make a decision on which script to select.

Apparently, MGM and EON Productions believe a major director known for critically acclaimed works is needed to deliver a successful 25th outing. The producers might also want the new film to remain on a more stable shooting schedule. Spectre went way overbudget leading to fears the film could have suffered major losses. Spectre did do well at the box office although sales were less than what was achieved with Skyfall. Spectre wasn’t as good of a film as Skyfall so weak word of mouth and reviews might have contributed to a softer audience response.

Bond 25 moves forward with Daniel Craig, but the project now must move forward much more slowly. If the second screenplay turns out to be a rejected one, MGM and EON Productions cannot make up the lost time. And time always means money.