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Vijay Eswaran – Founder of QI Group of Companies

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Vijay Eswaran is a renowned author, entrepreneur, and philanthropist of Malaysian origin. He was born on 7 October 1960 in Penang, Malaysia. He is the Executive Chairman and founder of the QI Group of companies that have vast business interests. These interests include among others, real estate, direct sales, education, and hospitality in over 30 countries.

Vijay Eswaran worked hard in part-time jobs to fund his university education at London School of Economics. He later graduated in 1984 with a degree in socio-economic studies, after which he stayed in Europe for a year. He decided to pick up on various jobs including working as a construction expert in Belgium and even fruit plucking in France. He also moved to the US, taking on corporate business for a few years before making up his mind to return back to his mother continent, Asia during the early 90s.

In 1998 Eswaran came up with a direct multilevel marketing firm that rapidly expanded to be a market leader in the Middle East, Africa, and South-East Asia. The company was highly successful, expanding to become QI Group. His network has achieved greater heights, having been able to train more than one million entrepreneurs worldwide. The organization has been able to stand the test of time in the toughest and more developed markets worldwide.

With a vibrant passion and vigor to mentor the spirit of entrepreneurship, Vijay Eswaran founded the Vijayaratnam and RYTHM foundations. This two worked with disadvantaged groups in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East to offer philanthropic assistance. He is also the chairman and founder of Quest International University where he has provided sound leadership.

He is an elite author writing books such as the Sphere of Silence, In The Thinking Zone, and On The Wings of Thought. These books highlight his personal life philosophies, and how he has managed to handle life as a whole. He is an eloquent motivational speaker who on many occasions has been invited to various forums. An example being the sixth Pravasi Bharatiya Divas held in India.

Nick Vertucci Inspiration to all Individuals

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Most people are finding it hard to accumulate wealth since they are not ready to come out of their comfort zones. It is indeed the high time for individuals to know that failing to accomplish our dreams today will never hinder our tomorrow’s success. Success comes in when we allow our failures to act as a motivation for more. This is a secret only known to a few individuals such as Nick Vertucci. Despite the hiccups, he encountered Nick managed to pick the remaining pieces and move on broadly. In fact, his story has inspired many who lived a life they were not meant to live.

Nick Vertucci acts as a motivator and an inspiration to many through his articles. One of his articles titled The Seven Figure Decision is of a kind. One of the outstanding characters that have kept him moving is the determination that assists him to avoid dwelling on his past failures. He has always had a different and positive notion concerning life. According to him, everything is all possible. Nick Vertucci has always had lessons from the past experiences that assist him in doing things right. Earlier on he had been designing, constructing and programming computers. After some time he accidentally lost his job which paved the way for his venture into the real estate world.

This acted as his turning point since he managed to perform despite his fears. The business world is not a cup of tea. He advises people that growth comes through failure and challenges. Nick Vertucci has also emphasized the need for mentorship programs. Once an opportunity knocks on the door, it is always advisable to take it irrespective of the current financial status. At times personal knowledge might even be lacking to undertake some operations, but there is always someone to offer guidance. Nick Vertucci always advocates for an entrepreneur mind that sees opportunities in the midst of a challenge.

Bruno Fagali, The decorated Law Administrator

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     Bruno Fagali is an administrative lawyer from the people’s republic of Brazil. He is based in the Brazilian towns of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. He is a learned gentleman who has a bachelor’s degree in law from the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo that he acquired in the year two thousand and nine. Bruno then proceeded to specialize in administrative law and obtain a masters in state law from the same university.

Bruno Fagali is an excellent administrator of the law as he has been associated with some legal firms like the Getulio Vargas Foundation. Dating as early as two thousand and six. He has made a name for himself as a result of his significant involvement in the reforms of the Brazilian legal system. Currently, he serves as the corporate integrity manager for Nova and Sb where he is charged with the task of design, management, review, and implementation of the compliance of the advertising agency.

He is a social person with a deep love for his society at large. There are many cases known among the Brazilian folk depicting Bruno carrying out community work for the public in the earlier years of his life. Moreover, he is an entrepreneur of sorts; as such, he has taken the liberty of starting his law firm known as Fagali Advocacy. A firm that is associated with handling cases ranging from corporate law, criminal cases and business-related cases among many others. Fagali handles cases with intimacy and experiences that can be alluded to his skill set derived from numerous internships undertaken by him during each year of his studies. He has been noted as being on the young generation of lawyers bring positives reforms to the legal industry in various parts of the globe. Additionally, Fagali is an educator of the general public on the law as can be evidenced by the number of articles and publications produced by him in various writing across the country. With the reputation that he has carved for himself, there is no denying that he will be around for a long time to come.

Please read for more.

Anil Chaturvedi Ruling Over The Banking Sector

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Anil Chaturvedi is a renowned banker with experience in the field of banking and finance of over four decades. He has been I association with some extremely high profile leading international banks of the nation. Anil Chaturvedi as a banker holds his expertise in many sectors and specializes in investment banking, corporate business advisory, Corporate and private banking and finance. He focuses mainly on investment and cross border transactions between countries like India and Europe. He is currently the former Managing Director of Hinduja Bank in Switzerland. Anil Chaturvedi joined the Hinduja Bank in the year 2011 on the post of Managing Director. The main task assigned to him was to oversee the corporate advisory segment of the bank. With his broad thinking and years of experience he has successfully handled several merges and acquisitions with variety of other investors and many restructuring policy.

Anil Chaturvedi is a highly educated and skilled man. He completed his bachelors from the University of Meerut in India in the subject of Economics. He graduated with honors in the year 1973. He further enrolled in an MBA course in the subject of Financial Management and earned his post-graduation from the Delhi University School of Economics. After completing his education he proceeded forward and started on with his career life. He began his career with banking at the development and planning department of the renowned State Bank in India. He was in the post of manager for several years and handles the department of marketing strategy. Within 4 years he had helped the bank grow to a worth of 500 million dollars. For his great service and extreme dedication towards the work, he was honored with the award of “Man of the Year” by the State bank.

Anil took the position of Vice President in the ANZ Grindlays Bank in the year 1991 and headed all the operations of the bank. He was the senior representative of that bank for all its US operations. Anil’s most of the banking experience is gained from practicing in the banks that are US based. After that, he had many other banking experiences and held a variety of reputable posts in many banks. Currently, he is holding the position of an M.D in Hinduja Bank and is driving the bank towards development and excellence.

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New Releases for June 2018

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If you think the music releases in the month of May were crammed, then you haven’t experienced anything yet. Wait until you find out the singers planning to release new tracks in this coming month of June. Are you eager to know which track is set to be release and by who? Then stick around!

Kanye West (No Title Yet

  1. Kanye West (No Title Yet)

We all know how Kanye West is good at leaving his fans with anticipation and in suspense. He is set to release another album this year on Friday. That will be on June 1. Nevertheless, he has not yet revealed the title of the song but he put a photo of the surgeon who operated on his mother before she died on the cover. It is still hard to guess the title even with the hint. Well, that is the Kanye we all know of.

That is not all. Yeezy, will drop Kids See Ghosts, an album that has been anticipated for, with Kid Cudi on June 8. Nas is also set to be release his untitled album the week after, on June 15.

  1. Dizzy Wright

Dizzy Wright won’t be left behind too. The rap industry will be blessed with Don’t Tell Me It Can’t Be Done by Drizzy Wright, this coming month.

  1. Wifisfuneral

Wifisfuneral is also among the artists that will heat up the month of June. He is set to release Ethernet Vol. 1 on June 8. The eagerly waited mixtape was to be released on MAY 25 but it was postponed because of clearance issues.

At the end of the day, all the artists set to release new tracks never disappoint. Therefore, we can’t wait for the release of these new tracks. It seems like the month of June will be all heated up. I am definitely excited, are you?


Eminem Fuels Nicki Minaj Dating Rumors

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One of the hottest stories in celebrity musicians news just got a little hotter. The rumor of rap industry titans Eminem and Nicki Minaj has been growing over the past couple days. Both parties have been relatively coy about the matter, neither denying it or offering a whole lot of elaboration. In a performance at the Boston Calling music festival, Eminem refused to quash the rumor.


In banter with the crowd, Eminem (birth name: Marshall Mathers), asked the crowd, “How many people in Boston want me to date Nicki Minaj.” After a jubilant response of approval, Eminem addressed Minaj, telling her that they would discuss it later.


While Eminem has been more low-key or avoidant about taking the matter seriously, Nicki Minaj has been seemingly more open about it. She’s eluded to dating Eminem (or a white man) on recent lyrics. When asked about her and Em’s relationship, she confirmed it to be true.


Given that Eminem offered no denial of his and Minaj’s relationship, it remains up in the air just how serious he is about it. It’s possible that they are dating, but that he isn’t ready to go public with it until there’s been more understanding of what sort of relationship they have. It’s also very likely that he would rather keep his personal life relatively guarded.


Minaj wouldn’t be the first high-profile relationship Eminem has been involved in. He has vowed that he was in a relationship with superstar Mariah Carey. He also had a well-known relationship to Kim Mathers, who he married and divorced twice. Whatever happens with him and Nicki Minaj, we can all but guarantee it will be interesting to watch.

A$AP’s New Record…”Purity”

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So far this year, three notable hip hop albums have come out: J. Cole, Pusha T and A$AP Rocky. Not to mention Cardi B’s album. It is – without a doubt – a big year here. We are still looking for two big names, Kanye and Drake. Of everything I have heard so far this year, however, one track in sticking heavy. And it is from the least likely source, A$AP Rocky.


MTV News writes about Rocky’s new album, Testing, here. And of that record, the track “Purity” is a standout. Why? Instrumentals and lyrics.




Regarding a song’s instrumentals, that is the first determiner of whether a song is worthy or not. From the very beginning of this song, one hears melodic strings, wind instruments and harmony from low voiced instruments. Putting such an instrumental arrangement together is essential for a good song to be great and memorable. This song starts with a lovely acoustic guitar heading into natural voices. Then the rapping starts with electric drums. At the first stanza’s end, high pitched voices come in to match the bass beats. Wonderful!




A lyric ain’t a lyric if you cannot remember it. This aspect of rap is known as memorable quotes. Can you remember the quote? Does that quote stick in your mind? If the rap and/or song is good, it should. Rocky has a number of memorable lyrics in this song. They are really good. They sounds very natural: “when Noah’s Ark broke” is one such lyric




Another aspect is who is featured on a song. In “Purity” Frank Ocean is the feature and he adds tremendously to the greatness of the record.


Overall, a very substantial entry into the pond of hip hop and rap. Even better if it is not a radio record and you can impress someone by knowing it without it being totally mainstream. That adds to one’s coolness.

Freedom Checks Check Out As Legitimate Investment

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Freedom checks have the same problem as cryptorcureny, nobody really understand what they are. It is easy to see why. First off freedom check are called freedom checks, which sounds iffy in of itself. Secondly, the commercial where investor Matt Badiali hold one triumphantly and says you can have one just like it looks like a scam. It should because it is following the same script as patriot checks did a while before, and they were a scam. But freedom checks are not a scam, they are actually a legitimate investment.

Matt Badilai is a investment guru, he is an individual who is so good at working the market other people follow him to see what he does. He serves as a featured editor for Banyan Hill Publishing, writing a weekly newsletter with quite the following. His expertise is in natural resource investments, resources like gas and oil. Badiali is actually a geologist, and he is able to use his knowledge to learn which natural resource companies are legit. He also knows everything about the market, which is why he knows about statute 26-F, a tax break that allows the investment he calls freedom checks to occur. Read more about Freedom Checks at

Basically, natural resource companies that deal in 90% natural resources get a significant tax break as long as 90% of their revenue is paid to their stakeholders. Under the statute these companies can allocate those payments at any time, monthly or quarterly is usually the way they go. These companies do not get taxed until after they disperse profits, and since 90% of those profits are handed out, it only leaves 10% to be taxed. So if someone wants part of that 90% payout, all they have to do is buy stakes in the company.

This is what Matt Badilai is offering, to become a stakeholder in a natural resource company, and receive a regular payout from said company in the form of a private check. It is a legitimate investment, completely above board, and can be purchased for as low as $10 dollars. Read more:


Yeezy Keeping The Masses Guessing As Newest Album Drops On June 1st

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It’s Thursday, May 31st, and we still don’t have all the intricate pieces to Kanye West’s musical madness, but it is Yeezy season.


Here is what we know for sure:


Something is stirring, and it’s way out in Wyoming where the brilliant hip-hop star has been holed up.


An album listening party is happening on Thursday evening in Jackson Hole, reports Jewelry designer Yoon Ahn has been invited to the special RSVP event and shared the news with her fans at her Instagram Stories. Unfortunately, a prior commitment makes her unable to attend.


On Friday, June 1st, the second album from Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music in 2018 will drop. We still do not know the title, but it is his eighth studio album. Remember when West originally tried to create the album cover with a photo of the plastic surgeon who performed on his mother Donda before her untimely death at age 58?


The surgeon, Dr. Jan Adams, wasn’t buying it and declined permission, but he did make a positive statement to Kanye West. “I am impressed that you want to ‘forgive and stop hating’.”


If one does a little digging around Yeezy’s social media sites, the last entry he made on Twitter was on May 25th.


The post features a handwritten note signed by #King Push #Daytona (The Album) and Diddy. The script talks about a flawless hip-hop gem being both “classic and current.”


We understand that album number two is a 7-track piece. Then, Yeezy is putting out a joint album with Kid Cudi. That album will be named after their collaborative project, “Kids See Ghosts,” and it debuts on June 8th.


That’s not all, folks; don’t forget about the Nas untitled album the following Friday on June 15th.


We’re Yeezy-dizzy at this point.

Troye Sivan announces fall tour to support “Bloom”

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Troye Sivan fans are going to have a great fall.

On May 30, the singer-songwriter announced a huge North American tour, which will kick off in Irving, Texas, on Sept. 21 and end in Vancouver, Canada, on Nov. 8. He will be joined on the tour, dubbed “The Bloom Tour,” by Leland, Kim Petras and Carlie Hanson.

Sivan, 22, took to Twitter to announce that pre-sale tickets will be offered on his app beginning on June 5. Tickets will be offered to the general public on June 8. To sweeten the deal, every ticket will come with a copy of the singer’s upcoming “Bloom” album.

“Bloom,” which will be released on Aug. 21, is Sivan’s much-anticipated sophomore record. Frenetic lead single “My My My!” has already been released to good reviews.

During an appearance on the “Today Show,” Sivan said that the new album is “really personal” and he’s “super proud” of it. He also said it has more dance tracks than his first album, “Blue Neighborhood.”

“Bloom” also features a collaboration with pop star Ariana Grande called “Dance To This.” Other track names include “Seventeen,” “The Good Side,” “Bloom,” “Plum,” “What A Heavenly Way To Die,” “Lucky Strike,” “Animal” and “Postcard,” which features Gordi.

The album’s cover is a stark black-and-white image of the back of Sivan’s head.

“The Bloom Tour” will make stops in 27 North American cities, including Miami, Atlanta, New York, Boston, Washington, D.C., Detroit, Toronto, Chicago, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle. Fans can see the full list of dates here.

Sivan, who is of South African and Australian descent, began his career as a YouTube personality.