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Bob Reina: The Future Is Now

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With the holidays around right now, there is no time like the present to finally start realizing the life and the dreams that people have wanted and waited for in their lives. There are too many people stuck at jobs that are just that jobs. While it is important to put food on the table and have a roof over the head of a family, it is also important the individual is happy. If the individual is happy, everything else tends to work itself out in the long run for the betterment of everyone involved. That is why Bob Reina created Talk Fusion back in 2007, which just shows how much time flies by in today’s day and age.


He had a clear mission in mind when he started Talk Fusion and that was to create a better present and a better future for people. He knew how important that was and how vital that was to so many people out there. They needed it. It was coming at a time when the economy and the housing market wasn’t doing so well and people needed a little boost and a little pick me up. With Talk Fusion, people can use it to start their own business, make money, and be as happy as humanely possible.


When people have been working jobs they hate for so long and have been unhappy for so long, they tend to be extra motivated in the long run. They don’t want to settle and they refuse to settle. They demand more out of life and that drive and passion is going to fuel them to take it to the next level in all aspects of their life, but especially the business aspect.


He recently made a record-breaking donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society, which is going to help a lot of animals. He is also offering 30-day free trials for customers that want to use Talk Fusion for the very first time.



The Legal System in New Zealand Attracts Foreign Trusts

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Geoffrey Cone is one of the most popular tax and trust lawyers in the world. He currently works at his law firm, known as Cone Marshall that is based in New Zealand. Geoffrey has achieved a lot in his entire career, and he has also won several awards. His law firm has also been successful under his leadership, and it offers its services to consumers in the international community. The Auckland-based law firm has an online portfolio that attracts the attention of many individuals in the globe, especially those interested in foreign trusts. Karen Marshall is a co-principal at the company, and she has helped Geoffrey Cone to achieve his dreams.

Geoffrey Cone is an expert in commercial litigation, tax and trust laws, and he has helped any individuals in his country understand foreign trusts. Just recently, New Zealand was recognized as one of the safest nations for foreign trusts. All the media houses have covered the news in the country, and they seem to have very little understanding of the matter. Geoffrey Cone explained the concept to the citizens so that can understand why the foreign trusts had increased significantly in the country.

Geoffrey Cone says that his country is considered to be a safe haven for the foreign trusts, and this explains why they keep on increasing every year. The legal system used in New Zealand is very transparent, and it encourages other people to invest there. The legal system is very strict and understandable to other governments too, and this attracts many individuals.

Cone also says that New Zealand is considered to be a leader in matters dealing with tax. Tax and trust matter are handled with a lot of care and transparency. The nation also has some international standards that make sure that the requirements placed on the trustees are followed to the later.

The current legal system was introduced in New Zealand by Michael Cullen. The system mostly governs the foreign trusts and tax cases, and it was developed by experts and consultants in the country. Under these regulations, the resident trustee in the foreign trust is required to submit some particular documents. The financial records of these individuals and other relevant documentation are kept well for tax purposes. People who do not do this end up getting in serious trouble.

3 Benefits Of Shea Butter

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The benefits of shea butter are many as it contains essential vitamins like A and E, minerals and fatty acids. All this is good for your skin as they help moisturize and aid in anti-ageing.


If you are wondering if shea butter is right for you, check out these main benefits.


  1. Moisturizer

With its ability to soothe, hydrate, and balance your skin, shea butter has become an essential tool in fighting dry skin and eczema. You can even use it for dry scalps and chapped lips.


Studies have shown that unrefined shea butter can hep reverse dry skin in as little as three days.


  1. Natural Anti-Inflammatory

Shea butter has natural anti-inflammatory properties that work well to combat sunburns, scrapes, and bruises.


In a 2010 study, mice suffering from edema were given shea fat compounds and their inflammation was reduced by over 45 percent. Shea butter has also been found to be an effective nasal decongestant.


  1. Antiaging Properties

For centuries shea butter has been used to reduce wrinkles and keep skin healthy looking. With its abundance of vitamins A and E as well as fatty acids, shea butter is an essential tool to aid in your skin’s elasticity and suppleness.


During clinical studies, subjects who used shea butter wound up having brighter, clearer skin. There was even evidence of reduced wrinkles and less sun damage.


However, getting the right shea butter can make all the difference. Take a company like Eugenia Shea, they are dedicated to using only natural shea butter in their products and have the highest standards.


By using raw, unrefined shea butter Eugenia Shea offers their customers a smart alternative to the other mass produces products in the market.

George Soros is Not Giving Up Hope

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After months of campaigning for the democrats in hopes that they would win, many would think that George Soros would be completely defeated. This is not the case and this is something that is not going to happen because George Soros never gives up until he is able to reach his goals. This is part of what makes him such a great businessman. Soros is going to work within smaller politics to defeat the power of Trump, he is going to continue working for the democrats, fighting for the refugees and pushing to ensure that people do not lose their rights under a dangerous leader.

The president isn’t the only person who holds power in Washington, D.C. There are many smaller political aspects to the way that the world runs and George Soros wants to make sure that he can help these things out. He wants people to be able to get what they want and be able to have, at least, some democratic influence in the way that the United States is run. There are many ways in which George Soros is fighting with the smaller political groups to make things better for the country.

There are many ways in which Soros is able to help the democrats. The biggest thing that he can do is contribute money to the cause. In order for democrats to fight for anything that they want, they need to have the resources that come with that money. George Soros knows that and he knows that he will be able to help people out better if they have the money that they need to be able to do more with their political help. George wants the democrats to be able to recover from such a crushing loss that came from the election of the president.

One of George Soros’ biggest initiatives is the refugees who should be able to come to the United States. He wants to make sure that people have the chance to know that they are going to be able to be safe when it comes to the different things that go on in the United States.

The democratic party is for the people and that is something that George Soros has always stood behind. He knows that people need to have rights and under a president like Trump there will not be many rights for people to have. There are many things that Soros is going to do to make sure that people have those rights. He will donate nearly limitless amounts of money so that people can get the rights that they need through the fights and the work that the democratic party is going to do to be able to help people out with their rights.

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Holidays Are Important To Securus Technologies

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For most people, Christmas is a time when they want to spend a lot of time with the people that they love. They enjoy the festivities that go along with the holiday. Since this is a special time of the year, they feel strongly that it is very important. For those that are in correction facilities, they feel sad and lonely. They can’t take part in the holiday with their loved ones, and this creates a depressing mood throughout the facility. This is why Securus Technologies decided to make the Christmas video visits.

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Many of the inmates in the facilities benefit highly from the Christmas video visits. They can see and hear their family and loved ones taking part in the holiday. If they wish to, they can watch them open presents, and enjoy their meal. It makes a huge difference in the mood in the facility, and the prisoners feel better knowing that they are a part of the holiday too.

Securus Technologies goes out of its way to make sure that everyone is safe. The Christmas video visits make a peaceful time at the facilities so crime is less prevalent among the inmates. This company is a leader in their field, and they are always concerned about the public’s safety. They create new and unique ways to handle civil and criminal sectors of the justice system. This company is contracted by the government to handle many different corrective facilities because of their expertise. They use various techniques and technologies to prevent and solve crimes on a regular basis. It is important to remember that Securus Technologies creates new ways to keep people safer every week. They are looking towards the future, and they want to create a world that is safer for everyone to live in. They are respected all over the country and the world too. .

Using Wisdom to Improve the Russian Economy

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At some point in time, a country will fall victim to an unstable economy. From the United States in 2008 to Russia currently, a dwindling economy is to be taken seriously and fixed accordingly. Surely enough, it is not simple to correct the faults of an economic system, but it is important to weigh out the options regardless. Alexei Beltyukov, the advisor of the Skolkovo Foundation, has many proposals on how to improve the Russian economy before it burns out completely.

Alexei Beltyukov is passionate about helping people and getting his ideas heard. With paramount investors pulling out of Russia and taking their currency elsewhere, the country is growing desperate and running out of time. In a single quarter, the economy demonstrated 0.8% of growth compared to the 2.5% in the previous quarter. Clearly, these numbers are detrimentally low, which resulted in Alexei Beltyukov getting to work by implementing innovations that should prove to solve everything.

According to, Alexei Beltyukov proposes an easy feat that is also an effective solution: Celebrate entrepreneurs! By making small businesses and big-name entrepreneurs feel important and relevant to the Russian economy, they will work to improve their own areas of business, thus stimulating the desperate economy.

The Skolkovo Foundation provides entrepreneurs from all industries with business consultations, advice, technology assistance and influence, education, and tax breaks in a way that will only motivate them to strive for the better. During such a crucial time, it is wonderful for this foundation to focus on something that seems so simple in hindsight yet so fundamental on a large scale.

Collectively, the Russian economy needs individuals such as Alexei Beltyukov. His passion for helping his beloved country does not go unnoticed and his ideas on how to improve such salient areas are simple and should be replicated through each area of the land.

Being an advisor is so much more than a job title, but is something that supports the very personality of this caring, intelligent being.

Lime Crime Helps Me Look and Feel My Best

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Lime Crime has long been one of my favorite makeup lines. It’s no secret why. For one, I love variety and Lime Crime provides me with exactly that. They have such a diverse line of products that you never have to have the same look twice! That’s because Lime Crime embraces diversity. They want everyone to find their own unique look and embrace it. Lime Crime provides variety in two different ways.

For one, they have a variety of different products. This isn’t just your typical makeup. They have eyeshadows, lipsticks, liners, hair chalk, zodiac glitter, and so much more. If you can think of a cosmetic, they most likely have it. Their variety goes further than that. It comes with the colors that they have. There are so many different shades of lipsticks that I sometimes have a hard time choosing. I like this makeup line because I no longer have to settle for just pinks or reds when it comes to lip-wear.


This makeup line is more than just great variety, they also have long lasting products. The lip shades glide on my lips so smoothly and it stays on the whole day. I only have to do light touchups to make sure that I still look good. My lipstick doesn’t clump or look tacky. Instead, I apply it in the morning and it looks flawless and it stays that way through my day.


Whenever I need a little bit of inspiration, there is a look book available on their website where I can go for inspiration. I can see what other types of looks people are rocking and I can go from there. I also get inspiration from the creator of these products. She always looks so flawless rocking the products and that makes me realize I can look just as flawless! These makeup products truly inspire me to look and feel my best, and the Velvetines from Amazon are affordable, and still go on super smooth.