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Guillermo del Toro and Fox Searchlight Will Launch New Horror Film Label

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The tremendous success of “The Shape of Water” further cemented Guillermo del Toro as a top director in Hollywood. Unsurprisingly, del Toro has inked a major deal with a top production house. Fox Searchlight will be bankrolling several new del Toro projects. What is surprising, however, would be the upcoming joint venture between Fox Searchlight and del Toro to create a horror label. Del Toro won’t be directing the horror films made by the label. Instead, he will assume a development and production role.

The horror genre has suffered ups and downs recently. A few films turned out to be big hits at the box office. “Get Out” and “Stephen King’s It” would be the two that quickly come to mind when discussing hits. Overall, however, the genre isn’t as hot with audiences as it was 15 or so years ago.

Del Toro clearly is a fan of the horror genre. The director wishes to see a horror resurgence. Del Toro’s new label would provide a forum for innovative horror, sci-fi, and fantasy. The word to look closely at here is “innovative.”

One reason horror movies start to lose appeal at the box office would be a total lack of quality. “Jigsaw” serves as a perfect example how a poorly-written screenplay combined with boring characters turned off fans hoping for entertaining scares. When the producers of a horror movie don’t seem to care about quality, fans cease patronizing the genre. A “wait for DVD/cable” attitude takes hold. Theatrical releases stumble.

With the right approach to developing quality horror films, the genre could thrive again. Del Toro certainly has the right creative mind to run a horror label. Hopefully, the products he and Fox Searchlight eventually produce live up to their promise.

Journey’s Jonathan Cain Shares the Inspiration Behind “Don’t Stop Believin'”

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One of the most recognizable songs in America today is Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’.” It has seeped into pop culture in myriad ways, particularly in recent years after it was featured in the finale of “The Sopranos” and the first episode of “Glee.” A staple at karaoke nights, it has a driving rock sensibility and a sense of yearning that makes it relatable for anyone with a dream.

Recently, Journey keyboard player Jonathan Cain shared how the song came to be. It had its roots in the 1970s, when he moved from Chicago to Los Angeles to try to make it as a musician. Times were hard for him, and at one point, after his dog was hit by a car, he had to call his dad to ask for money to help with the vet bills. He felt discouraged and frustrated, and he asked his dad if he should give up and return home. His dad encouraged him to stay the course, advising him, “Don’t stop believin’.”

Cain jotted that advice in a notebook where he kept song ideas. Some time later, after he had joined Journey, lead singer Steve Perry was looking for ideas for another song to include on the next album. Cain flipped through his notebook and came across this phrase, and it jumped out at him. He wrote a chorus and brought it in, and the other members helped to flesh it out into a full-fledged song. As soon as they heard the finished cut, they knew they had something remarkable on their hands, and they decided to make it the first track on the album. Even so, none of them could have predicted just how popular the song would become. After all these years, “Don’t Stop Believin'” continues to inspire people of all ages.

Fast and Furious In Regards to Vin Diesel

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Even though Vin Diesel was one of the founding stars of the Fast and Furious Franchise, the franchise is starting to experiment with what it can do without the star. There is a spin-off in the works with Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham. There have been many reasons that are given for this spin-off. One reason that has been given is that they are waiting for the right director to come back so that he can be the one to film the last two. They are talking about Justin Lin of course. However, there is another director who has expressed interest in coming back to the Fast and Furious franchise. He is the director of the first ever Fast and Furious movie back in 2001, Rob Cohen. Both Justin Lin and Rob Cohen have one thing in common. They have both launched the franchise at different phases.

There is a new sub-franchise that is getting ready to be launched, and this is the team up of Hobbs and Shaw. While it is good for them to branch out, it could fail. After all, even the star power of Dwayne Johnson is not going to save the film if the story turns out to be lacking.

If it does turn out to be a success, then the Fast and Furious franchise has found a way to continue on even after the 10th movie where all of the principle characters retire. They may make appearances in the background depending on how the last film goes. After all, they will raise the stakes in the final film so it is likely some key characters are going to die.

Woody Harrelson Rumored to Play Carnage in Venom Film

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Recent reports suggest that actor Woody Harrelson will play Carnage in the upcoming Venom movie. Harrelson joined the Sony Pictures film while it was well into production, and the name of the character he is playing has yet to be confirmed by the studio. Prior to this latest rumor, actor Riz Ahmed was rumored to play the character. Carnage, also known as Cletus Kasady, is a vicious killer and psychopath in the Spider-Man mythos. The character is also known as the archenemy of Venom, played in the film by Tom Hardy.

The rumor started on the website Bleeding Cool. Citing an unnamed source close to the production, no further information was given. While Carnage’s inclusion in the film will surely make fans happy, leaked plot synopses for Venom hint that Carnage’s role will be very minor, with the character’s role in the film to be mostly a set-up for a sequel. Given the near universally poor reaction to the film’s first trailer, many wonder if Venom will even merit a sequel, with most of the criticism being leveled at the fact that the trailer does not show Hardy in the Venom costume.

While little has officially been revealed about Venom, director Ruben Fleischer confirmed that the film would adapt Venom: Lethal Protector and Planet of the Symbiotes, two famous Venom storylines from the comics. As with Lethal Protector, Fleischer’s film will also be set in San Francisco. It is also uncertain if Venom will officially be part of the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe, although Spider-Man actor Tom Holland is rumored to cameo in the film. Venom is scheduled for release on October 7 of this year, with Sony eyeing an R-rating for the film.

Perry Mandera The Man Behind the Smiles of Many

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Perry Mandera a former Marine with a heart of gold. Full of giving and compassion toward those in need; founded a company called Custom Cares where he donates most of his time and financial resources to help many charitable organizations (Customco). His giving is something that is admired and should be modeled after. He has helped many families, businesses get started, and has provided numerous career opportunities throughout the country. Perry Mandera is what true role models are made of and the type of person kids growing up should hear about and look up to. In a world full of selfishness and lack of empathy, what would the world be like if we patterned ourselves after the same model of Perry Mandera, and that is to “Give back” or “Pay it forward”. Many would see and know that there is nothing wrong with giving or showing that you care, and that it does not make one weak to show or have compassion as society has made it seem to be. With this type of mentality a sense of camaraderie could be restored back in our local communities branching out from state to state to our country spreading to other countries outside of us. Although Perry Mandera is not the only philanthropist of our time, his devotion seems that of a lifetime spent of giving. His life is lived in such a way that aids in the fulfillment of others while being fulfilled by serving others; as I believed he discovered this during his time of serving in the Marine Corp. While we all may not have served in the Marines, I believe we all at some point in our lives get the unction to live a selfless life. Rather we have an epiphany of such, that life is not about living for ourselves but about being of service in our everyday lives in the simplest of ways. Whether it’s going to the grocery store for your elderly neighbor or picking up trash in the neighborhood, point is we can all take a note or two from the model of Perry Mandera by paying it forward.


NSync Reunites to Receive Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

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It has been 20 years since wildly popular boy band exploded into the national consciousness with the smash hit “I Want You Back.” Now, a reunion at the unveiling of their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has fans salivating over the possibility of future collaborations. Even though the band only lasted four years, the members have remained friends and occasionally reunite, and Justin Timberlake’s speculation about the future at this event could bode well for another recording or tour.

Timberlake was joined by his fellow band members Joey Fatone, Chris Kirkpatrick, JC Chasez and Lance Bass. Each of the five of them made a short speech after introductory remarks by Ellen Degeneres and Carson Daly, who praised the groundbreaking quintet and their place in music history. One topic of significance was Lance Bass’s sexuality; while he had not felt comfortable sharing the fact that he was gay while the band was together, he had always wanted to do so for the sake of his gay fans. He noted that he was grateful to have found the courage to come out of the closet in later years.

The group initiated a big sing-along of “Tearin’ Up My Heart,” which further spurred hopes that the five would sing together in the near future. Incidentally, this took place on April 30th, prompting jokes about “It’s Gonna Be May,” a fan-created meme featuring a play on words from one of the band’s hits. It’s nice to see that these golden-voiced men who sang together before hordes of screaming teens are still enjoying each other’s company, and perhaps before too long, they will create some new music for the next generation of fans to enjoy.

Summer of 2018 Is Looking to Bring Heat

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While the previous summer had its share of blockbusters, the summer of 2018 is looking to up the stakes with some of the biggest event films of the era. To accompany these big event films is some of the smaller, but action packed films. Therefore, people are going to have a lot of films to see in theaters when they come out. There have already been some really good films released this year such as Black Panther, which is running very strong in the box office. It is likely going to be still playing in theaters when Avengers: Infinity War come out.

While Infinity War is going to dominate the box office for possibly the summer, there are other films that are sure to have its share of the profits. One movie that is coming out that is worth checking out is Mission Impossible: Fallout. This is the sixth film in a series that has finally found its style. Another film that is worth checking out is the exciting if not derivative Skyscraper, starring Dwayne Johnson, who has become a star who is on a streak not that different from Tom Cruise. Dwayne Johnson is also getting ready to appear in a Fast and Furious spin-off with Jason Statham.

To work with the Juggernauts of the summer are some smaller but really interesting films that are looking to take the audience by surprise. One film is Upgrade, which is about a man who is injected with fighting skills. Another film is the action packed comedy called Tag in which lifetime friends have been playing the same game of Tag since they were children. There is one person in the group that has not been tagged. Therefore, they are doing everything they can to tag which will result in a very intense but safe game of tag.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Describes His Battle With Depression

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The actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has recently confessed to his struggles with depression. He told his story to “The Express” in March about a month after he’d posted a long story on Instagram about his mother’s suicide attempt roughly 30 years ago.

Johnson’s mother, Ata, tried to kill herself shortly after being evicted from her apartment in Nashville. Johnson was 15 at the time – and he saw his mother walk into the oncoming traffic of I-65. As he recounted, “Big rigs and cars swerving outta the way not to hit her. I grabbed her and pulled her back on the gravel shoulder of the road.” Johnson later mentioned that his mother has no memory of her suicide attempt.

Shortly after that, Johnson suffered his first bout of depression. His condition worsened after a break-up with a girlfriend and several injuries that ended his dreams of a career in professional football. Johnson confessed, “I reached a point where I didn’t want to do a thing or go anywhere. I was crying constantly.”

Johnson eventually recovered, and he enjoyed a successful career as a pro wrestler during the 1990s. He switched to acting and is now one of Hollywood’s most highly-paid actors.

One of Johnson’s projects is “Ballers,” a comedy that plays on HBO. Johnson filmed a scene in which his character was visiting the grave of a brother who had committed suicide. The script called for him to open a can of beer and make a toast. Johnson struggled with the scene and wasn’t happy with it, for it brought back painful memories.

Johnson’s Instagram post garnered over a million likes and lots of comments from fans and fellow actors praising him for discussing his depression. Johnson commented that a willingness to open up and confide in others is key to recovering from depression.

The Russo Brothers Wanted Wolverine in Infinity War

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Wolverine is one of the most iconic characters in not only the X-Men franchise, but in all of Marvel. Therefore, it is only expected that people who are involved in the Marvel franchise is going to want to use him for their projects. The Russo brothers have recently stated that they had wanted Wolverine for Infinity War. One interesting thing was there was some point when Hugh Jackman has talked about playing Wolverine in projects after Logan. However, he has ultimately decided not to. For one thing, he knows he is aging and for this reason among other reasons, he has decided that he is ready to pass the torch.

Fans have speculated that Wolverine was going to make an appearance in either Avengers: Infinity War, or Avengers 4. There have been many speculations as to whether or not he is going to use his outfit that was seen in comics and other media, but only glimpse at on film in a deleted scene. Fox is still working out everything with Disney and everything is expected to be complete by 2019. This is when people can expect some other iconic characters in the MCU to pick up where some of the current set of characters are going to leave off.

Given that Wolverine has died in the most recent film, Logan, it is probably a good idea to let him rest and perhaps focus on some of the other characters in the X-Men franchise. In most of the X-Men movies, Wolverine was given most of the attention with all of the other characters besides Xavier taking a backseat. The First Class movies does give some attention to other characters. It is highly likely that all of the X-Men characters are going to be done justice in the MCU.

Investors Are Betting on the Music Industry

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Traditionally, the music industry hasn’t been so great to those who choose to invest in it—or even some of the artists who produce the hits. Years ago, the entire sector took a big hit when people started burning CDs and uploading and downloading music from the internet—for free. With Napster reigning supreme, it was difficult for even the most popular acts to turn a profit without touring like crazy. Just a few years prior, the store Tower Records had had its most profitable year ever—and now the entire business sank as a result of the new technology.

However, these days, Wall Street investors are starting to look at the music business in a new light. A lot of this has to do with the advent of streaming, which has irrevocably changed the landscape of an industry that had already been disrupted. With Spotify’s newest numbers set to drop on Wednesday night, investors and analysts are bullish when it comes to music again. With an estimate that over 200 million people will become Spotify subscribers in 2022, the money people are starting to circle their wagons around steaming services for the first time ever. Even venerable institutions such as J.P. Morgan have been singing the praises of streaming, which surprised many of the people who received investor communications from the company. However, Spotify still has its doubters. The fact that the service offers a “free tier” has led many to believe that not all customers can be converted into paying clients.

In the inscrutable world that is Wall Street, it is difficult to see what will and won’t turn a profit. But it would definitely appear that streaming services have caught the fancy of those with deep pockets.