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Investment Guru-Paul Mampilly

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     According to some research, it is indicated that only a fraction of 40% of American have invested in stock exchange while the rest are still learning how to trade in the stock exchange yet they are not sure and do not know where to start. It is known that investing is taking risk and the beat risk is taken after consulting with professionals who give advice on investing in stock exchange. Paul Mampilly is referred to a guru when it comes to trading in the stock exchange market and he has the major responsibility of providing powerful investing advice.

Paul Mampilly is an American investor who for a long time has been offering investment advice to not only Americans but also to the world. He has majored his advice on stock exchange trading. To be able to reach a wide range of individuals through his investing advice; Paul established a newsletter known as Profit Unlimited. The media platform has been expanding ever since it was founded and has over 90000 subscribers from all over the world. Paul Mampilly has benefited thousands of individuals across the globe to reach their goals as they invest wisely.

Mr. Paul was not born in the United States of America; he was born in India and relocated to the United States of America as a young man. Moving to the country had a great advantage to the prominent investor who was determined to learn more as well as gain skills in investments, finances as well as Wall Street in general. Paul Mampilly has a vast knowledge in the investing sector which runs for more than 25 years. He began his career serving at Banker’s Trust. He later served in several other financial facilities holding different leadership positions. Some of the financial institutions Mr. Paul served include; Deutsche Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland, ING, and other private financial organizations. M r. Paul Mampilly has not only been successful in assisting others to meet their personal and long-term goals and dreams in the investment world, but he is a prominent investor who has done well in his personal investments as well. Paul has invested in the pharmaceutical sector; Sarepta Therapeutic. Paul is a graduate of Montclair State University, New Jersey.

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Betsy DeVos Passionate Politician, Humanitarian, and Philanthropist

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Betsy DeVos is a well-known philanthropist in the United States and serves as the Education Secretary in the U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration. Betsy DeVos is the wife of the well-known and successful businessman, Dick DeVos, who is also a famous philanthropist and son of Richard DeVos, co-founder, and owner of Amway Corporation. Betsy DeVos has known from the very young age that the way to change the society and make the permanent transformation of our communities is in politics and political campaigns. She has been involved in the policy from the time she was a college student and headed many political campaigns as a student leader during her college days.


As a resident of Michigan, she initiated and spearheaded many political campaigns for the welfare of the Michigan communities. She even headed the influential Michigan Republic Party for over half a decade and led to the approval of many development bills for the state. As one of the leading political contributors in Michigan, Betsy DeVos has supported many of the political candidates in the country supporting the causes she believes in. Dick DeVos has also been in politics for a while, and thus, it can be said without a doubt that DeVoses has played an active role in bringing the much needed positive change in the society they serve in through whichever way they can.


Betsy DeVos is also the co-founder of Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, which is regarded as one of the leading philanthropic organizations in the country. The foundation is well-connected to numerous charities and agencies that work for society and community welfare. Over the years, the family foundation is known to have rehabilitated millions of people and has donated millions in support of the causes Betsy and Dick work for. Some of the major causes that Betsy DeVos supports through her family foundation are women empowerment, education reforms, healthcare, economic development, and more. The couple has collectively donated over 139 million so far in their lifetime, and it is expected that the figure is soon going to be crossed.


Some of the major organizations that are linked with the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation are Kids Hope USA, DeVos Institute of Arts Management, Mars Hill Bible Church, and Foundation for Excellence in Education, and much more. As the Education Secretary of the country now in Trump’s administration, Betsy DeVos is helping bring some very significant education reforms in the country that would contribute to making education more accessible and affordable. Moreover, there were many fundamental changes that the education system of the country needed for a long time, which Betsy DeVos is determined to implement now with the support of the people. As education forms the basis of growth and economic development of the country, Betsy DeVos is working hard to ensure that education system of the country is well-evolved and organized to face the challenges of tomorrow.


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Serious Crimes Are Occurring At The Quincy In New Jersey

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Parysh Wood has been charged in the armed robbery of a pizza delivery man in New Brunswick. The incident occurred on November, 30th, 2012 when a man attempted to deliver a pizza on Quincy Circle. The resident explained he had not ordered a pizza so the deliveryman headed back to his vehicle. He was approached by three men who claimed it was their pizza. One of the men placed a gun against his head and demanded money. They stole the deliveryman’s pizza, money and wallet. They fled in a dark minivan parked in a nearby lot. Wood was placed at the location by cell phone information acquired by Detective Ron Seaman and the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office. Wood is being held at the Middlesex County Correction Center with his bail set at $100,000.


In a similar incident taking place May 7th, 2013 a pizza order was placed in Quincy Circle. The residents denied ordering a pizza and the deliveryman was walking back to his vehicle. He was accosted by three men with weapons who stole his pizza and his money before shooting him and driving away. Cell phone information led to the arrest of a suspect who was charged with obstructing justice, unlawfully possessing a weapon, and robbery. The same night a wounded individual at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital is suspected to be an additional victim.


In October of 2015 another individual was shot at the New Brunswick Apartments. This crime involved four shootings and one individual with minor injuries. Several incidents at this apartment complex is have caused the police to keep watch. The numerous robberies and shootings have labeled the complex as a hot spot of consistent crimes. Incidences have ranged from domestic quarrels to shootings giving the area an incredibly poor reputation. Additional shootings in New Brunswick City left two more people in critical condition. There are armed men who reside in this area causing a dangerous level of security.


According to the police there have been too many cases of a similar nature occurring in this particular area. The police believe numerous phone calls to order pizza have been placed by women with the intention of setting a trap for the delivery person. Many of the neighborhood’s residents are not trustworthy causing the police to closely monitor the Quincy. The hope is the police will be able to catch the individual or individuals responsible for these crimes.



Successful Brazilian Entrepreneur, Alexandre Gama

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     Alexandre Gama is a professional in advertising and communications industry. He is the chief creative officer, CEO, and founder at Neogama, one of the leading Brazilian advertising agencies. He is the first Brazilian to become the Chief Creative Officer to head the global network of agencies. Gama is popular for his exceptional entrepreneurial skills and his core roles at Publicis Groupe Global Creative Board committee.

Gama attended Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation where he earned a degree in advertising and communications. He began his advertising career in 1982 while working at Standard Ogilvy & Mather as a copywriter and a creative. Gama also worked at DM9 as a creative director and a copywriter where he emerged as the best-awarded copywriter. Besides, Gama worked at Young & Rubicam as the chief executive, chief creative officer, and a board member.

In 1999, Gama first established Neogama agency through which he promoted and supported most of the good practices exercised up to date in various communication industries within Brazil. Besides his primary roles, Gama was actively involved in the music industry. He founded VIOLAB, an instrumental Brazilian guitar project in 2014.

Neogama remained a major shareholder in its partnership with BBH agency and was equally named the agency of the year in 2002.Gama became an investor and share holder at Briggs Automotive Company. This British company, found in Liverpool is particularly renowned for producing world-class sports cars. Finally, Gama managed to win 23 Lions at Cannes Festival and successfully performed as a jury three times in the press and film.

The Toronto-based Cameron Clokie Leading the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Field

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Cameron Clokie is an entrepreneur, teacher, scientist, and a surgeon. He is working for Induce Biologics Inc., as the chief executive officer, which is a company for regenerative medicine focusing on musculoskeletal reconstruction innovative solutions, it is located in Toronto, Canada.

For three decades, he was involved in academic dentistry and clinical practice. He is a professor as well as the Head of OMS (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery) at U of T (University of Toronto).

OMS specialize in treating defects, injuries and many diseases in the jaws, face, neck, head, and the soft tissues and hard tissues of the mouth (oral) and maxillofacial (face and jaws) region. In the year 1985, Clokie received his DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery).

Afterward, in the year 1992, he earned a Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy degree) in bone regeneration that is related to the interface development from the McGill University, a public research university, located in Montreal, in the province of Quebec, in Canada.

Due to his innovative strategies to the jaws surgical management, he is often sought after as a teacher and clinician. Clokie has contributed to numerous publications and has also lectured internationally on various topics that are related to university-related technology transfer, bone regeneration, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, and future of Dentistry.

Cameron Clokie has managed to establish himself being a leader in the OMS field. He founded his bone research group, in the year 1993, at the McGill University, (which afterward moved to U of T in the year 1998) that has actively been involved in the development and evaluation of the modern bone regenerative technologies.

His work fundamental goal is developing bio-implants that would ultimately replace the necessity for autogenous bone grafts. Clokie is maintaining a clinical practice that is busy in OMS in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, focusing on bone regeneration and facial reconstruction.

He holds 25 US as well as international existing or pending patents, which include those that are associated with bone healing, he has been capable of successfully developing strategic alliances with companies and transferred his ingenuity and considerable knowledge into enterprises that are commercially viable enterprises.

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The Diverse Talents of Daniel Mark Harrison

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When looking at the career of entrepreneur Daniel Mark Harrison, they are going to find something that stands out from among the other entrepreneurs. They are going to find a set of skills that seem very broad. For one thing, among the skills that Daniel Mark Harrison has as an entrepreneur is that of author and media expert. He was also able to capitalize on his skills. At the same time, he knows how to build assets with his companies, Monkey Capital and Fintech. His Monkey Capital firm deals with hedge funds. Therefore, he knows a lot about making the right types of investments.

It is very rare for someone who is very successful at investing to also be noted for other skills. Daniel Mark Harrison is also a journalist who has made a name for himself through this activity. He has published a lot of work and has been featured on publications such as The Wall Street Journal. This is very impressive for an entrepreneur to manage. Daniel has also been interviewed and has shared his insights for people to learn from. He is also accomplished in education and takes a lot of pride in his achievements.

Daniel Mark Harrison has a lot of skills that he is willing to use to his advantage. He knows how to manage the assets of his family business and is willing to share his insights with others through his journalism. Also, being an expert in media gives him an advantage in that he can help businesses figure out what people are looking for. Given that Daniel has a diverse range of talents, he has a lot of options when it comes to actually making tons of money and being able to support himself. He definitely has a track record of talents and accomplishments.

The Corporate Journey of Business Mogul Louis Chenevert

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Louis Chenevert is a Canadian businessman with global recognition. For the years he ventured into the business world, he has made a positive impact wherever he has worked. With a degree from HEC Montreal business school, Louis joined General Motors where he has served in various administrative posts for more than a decade. His knowledge in product management enabled him to come up with strategies and principles that are useful in the smooth running of the company. Louis left the company to serve at a manufacturing company dealing with aircraft engines, Pratt & Whitney. During his time in the business, Louis made impressive progress doubling the performance standard of the enterprise. His effort received recognition, and he became the company’s president.

Louis Chenevert spread his excellence wings further and joined United Technologies Corporation in 2006. Louis sunk back to work and even invested in the company as a sign of belief to the business’s innovative objective to come up with high tech products. UTC dealt with assembling of jet engines for both military and commercial purposes. The company also has various project deals working with aerospace, air conditioning and refrigerator sector. Within no time as chairman of the company, Louis increased the share price by $80. He was in charge of several operations at the company including the historical acquisition of a Goodrich by UTC which hit the headlines as the best acquisition.

Louis made revolutionary changes for UTC; he facilitated the company to adopt the use of eco-friendly products that improved the environmental condition. He was also in charge of allocating staff work according to their capabilities which grew the company’s economy tremendously.

Louis Chenevert is originally from Montreal. However, his prominence is on a global level. Several investors have and still use his techniques to run their businesses to entrepreneurial glory. Once he left the business school, he made significant marks in the corporate world, and as an alumnus, he received the doctorate honoris causa. In every company he worked, he did his work wholeheartedly to improve the general performance of the enterprise. His work has also contributed to the country’s general economic growth.

Since his retirement from UTC, Chenevert joined the Merchant Banking Division Goldman Sachs, where he continues to contribute to the development and advancement of the aerospace and industrial sector. Additionally, he served as a vice person board member at Business Council for a year. Louis Chenevert’s success is not a stereotypical one; after all, not all businessmen are honored the person of the year by Aviation Week & Space Technology.

How Dr. Avi Weisfogel Informs Others of the Harmful Effects of Insufficient Sleep

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In order to be at their best, most people need to sleep 7 to 9 hours every night. Those who sleep less than six hours can have their appearance affected which is how the phrase “beauty sleep” came about. By sleeping a few more hours people will look and feel better in just three weeks on average.

According to sleep experts, getting enough quality sleep can affect more than just appearance. Your overall health can be affected if you don’t sleep enough. Appearances-wise a lack of sleep can lead to a droopy mouth, baggy eyes, sagging eyelids, and eyes that are red and/or swollen. It can also lead to hair loss because blood flow is affected by not sleeping enough. Other facial conditions such as a dull complexion and wrinkles also give away that someone doesn’t get enough sleep.
One of the experts about how a lack of sleep can affect your appearance, mood, and health condition is Dr. Avi Weisfogel. He has 20 years of experience in the field of sleep study. He established Healthy Heart Sleep, through which he collaborates with other sleep researchers. He also uses this company as an avenue for showing other dentists as well as physicians a way to incorporate his health care distribution model.
Another company that Dr. Avi Weisfogel is the founder of is Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient. He provides lectures to doctors on ways to help their patients get a better nights rest and sleep the appropriate amount of time. During his lectures he shares with doctors his insights into sleep research as well as information about the subject he acquired as a dentist. He is also the person who established Dental Sleep Masters, which he uses to show his dentist clients how they can help their patients with sleep disorders through the use of dental equipment. One of the serious medical issues he informs them about is sleep apnea and how it can lead to premature death.

Vijay Eswaran the Man behind QI Group’s Success

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Despite coming from a humble background, Vijay Eswaran has created a name for himself in the entrepreneurship industry. He is the founder and the chief executive officer of a globally recognized company known as the QI Group. He was born in Malaysia in the year 1960.

He is well educated since he attended the prestigious London School of Economics where he undertook his bachelor’s degree in social economics. Immediately after graduating, he worked at numerous jobs in various countries such as France, UK, and Belgium.

During his stay in the UK, Vijay Eswaran was attracted to the binary system market. He, therefore, obtained a professional certification in CIMA so as to venture into the business. Come the year 1986; he undertook his MBA from Southern Illinois University, US.

Vijay Eswaran entrepreneurial journey began after he completed his MBA. Together with his partner Joseph Bismark, he in the year 1998 established QI Group of companies. The company started small and was coupled with numerous challenges.

The company has grown from a humble beginning of selling commemorative coins in the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. Today the company is recognized as a commercially based company that specializes in various industries such as travel, media, training and corporate investments.

The company has over time established branches in more than 30 different countries. The corporation has proven to be a job creator. It has employed more than 1,500 people in the 30 countries. For the time over, Vijay Eswaran has given lectures in various institutes of higher learning and leadership conferences on spirituality and business.

Many people in business are philanthropic. Vijay Eswaran is not an exemption. He has impacted many people’s lives through Vijayaratnam Foundation named after his father. Vijay Eswaran has authority in writing. He authored a book known as In the Thinking Sphere of Silence, a book that addresses life on management.

The success of this book is untold. It has been translated into many languages. Other books he has written include On the Wings of Thought and 18 Stepping Stones. Entrepreneurial success has seen him serving as the chairperson of the Malaysia Council of the Quest International University.

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Roberto Santiago’s Famous Brazilian Shopping Mall

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One highly driven man has risen to achieve business success and create a famous shopping establishment in Brazil. Roberto Santiago is an iconic entrepreneur in Brazil and is behind the country’s largest shopping mall, The Manaira.


Born in Joao Pessoa in 1958, Roberto Santiago always wanted to create something meaningful and memorable. He graduated from the University Center of Joao Pessoa with a degree in Business Administration, an area he would later go on to conquer. In 1987, Santiago purchased a large lot of land in Joao Pessoa and began developing it into a shopping center. After two years of hard work and diligence, he would introduce the Manaira shopping mall to the public.


The Manaira mall is the largest modern shopping mall in all of Brazil and is renowned for its wide range of attractions. Joao Pessoa locals know that this is no average shopping mall! Aside from numerous popular stores, the Manaira is home to a food court, gym, a college, theater and a rooftop concert hall. Talk about your one-stop shop!


People travel from all over the country to visit the mall for shopping at their favorite stores or seeing famous artists perform at the concert hall. The rooftop concert hall, called the Domus Hall can hold up to 10,000 individuals and has held shows by some of Brazil’s most famous artists. The College of Higher Education of Paraiba is also located at the Manaira mall, meaning the shopping center is home to many students and faculty members. When students aren’t receiving a top-notch education, they can visit the Manaira’s movie theater which showcases the latest popular films.


Having created such a successful establishment, Roberto Santiago is a pillar of business achievement in Brazil. With his business experience and legendary vision, he has created a space that brings endless individuals joy and entertainment. In addition to establishing the Manaira shopping mall, Santiago recently opened the Mangeira mall in 2013. The popularity of both the Manaira and Mangeira malls have encouraged many corporations to relocate their businesses closer to the city, therefore increasing the social and economic elements of Joao Pessoa. Having added so much livelihood to the city, it is clear why Roberto Santiago is a prominent figure in Brazil.