While Pink is not one of the most famous pop music singers or celebrities out there, she is definitively one of the top ones. The female singer has now become a veteran and highly successful pop and rock singer that has a music history spanning well over two decades. She is well known for her hot pink dyed hair, not afraid to say it attitude and a counter-culture screw the authority demeanor. All of this has brought considerable attention and admiration.

So why did Pink get so much praise and attention during this year’s Grammy Awards? No, she, unfortunately, did not win any awards. She was nominated for the best pop solo song category at the Grammys with her hit song called What About Us. Now if you listen to any major hits radio station or like pop music, then you have probably heard Pink’s hit song numerous times by now. It is energetic, emotional and conveys a message of resilience in my view.

The winner in the best solo pop song performance was Ed Sheeran with the song called Shape of You. Pink was one of many women nominated for awards at the Grammy’s. Only one woman managed to get an award. This was Alessia Cara for the new artist category.

While Pink did not get a coveted Grammy Award, she did get a lot of attention for her solo performance during the awards ceremony. She is often known for her stunts, props and lively performances. This time around it was surprisingly simple. She just chose to sing her song without any special effects or acrobatics.

This was highly unusual and a surprise for fans who were expecting something spectacular from Pink once again. One thing she did manage to do, was to surprise the audience at the Grammys and at home with her relatively simple performance. She also actually sang instead of lip syncing and got a rousing standing ovation for her performance.