There is actually talk that the upcoming Star Trek movie by Tarantino might not be R rated. This is interesting news for fans of Quentin Tarantino. Simon Pegg has stated that Quentin Tarantino did not write an R rated Star Trek script, he just pitched an idea to J.J. Abrams. This is not to say that the next Star Trek movie is going to be another PG rated action spectacle. It is just that Tarantino had an idea that is in the mix. As of right now, he is working on the movie that is based around the Manson murders.

Fans that know Quentin Tarantino’s style are going to find it almost implausible that there is going to be a PG-13 movie directed by Quentin Tarantino. For one thing, Tarantino loves using graphic violence and foul language in his films. For one thing, the language and the way it is executed brings about a certain vibe that makes it strangely grounded. He is also good with bringing forth tension in his films. As he has shown, the R rating is Tarantino’s element, and it is almost an essential part of his style in film.

One thing that can be expected in Tarantino’s Star Trek is a more vintage style to it. Also, given that this would be Tarantino’s last film before his intended retirement, it would be very strange for him to take the PG-13 route. Another thing that should be considered is that R rated films have made a major comeback. With comic book based films like Logan and Deadpool bringing huge profits, it might be a good idea to see if Star Trek could benefit from the R rating.