Randal Nardone is the co-founder, CEO and the principal of Fortress Investment Group. He was chosen as the CEO on August 2013 and had worked in the two top-positions from that point onwards. Randal Nardone established the organization together with Wesly Eden and Rob Kauffman in the year 1998; the three built a private company, which brought forth Fortress Investment Group. Randal Nardone is proud to have Bachelor in Arts in English and Biology from the renowned Connecticut University; besides, he has a J.D. from the famous University of Boston the Law School. Randal Nardone is positioned as the 557th in the World’s Billionaires list in the Forbes magazine with assets of an approximate of One Billion, Eight hundred million US Dollars. He is a legal US citizen staying in New York with his family.

Randall is the chief leader of the credit firm at the fortress. He is the administrator and the president of Springleaf Holdings. He is the current vice president and secretary at the Newcastle Holdings and the CEO at Fortress Investment Group. Additionally, Randal Nardone worked at Thacher Profit and Wood as an assistant. Randal is the co-founder of an investment trust organization enrolled under Fortress and has worked in it since November 1999 as the93.9 Secretary, a Vice-president, and as the CEO too. He has likewise worked at RIC, a Co-investment finance firm, as the secretary and the CEO and its portfolio administrator. In May 1997, he served at the UBS as the managing director until May 1998. From June 2002 to 26th September 2016, Randal served at the Newcastle Investment organization as it secretary after which he got promoted to the Vice-President position. Randall was the secretary and the CEO too at the IMPAC Holdings in May 1999.

Fortress got purchased by Softbank for a sum amount of three billion and three hundred million US Dollars. The three Fortress co-founders Randall Nordone, Wes Edens, and Pete Briger remained even after the purchase.

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