For people looking to stay in touch with their loved ones inside the prison for any reason, there were limited options some time back. One had to make an appointment and then drive through the traffic to the facility and then meet the inmate for a few minutes. It led to wasting a lot of valuable time, and one could never feel that they can talk to their family members when they need them the most. This is where Securus Technologies have made life much easier for everyone. They have introduced a number of tools that allow instant communication between the inmate and his friends and family members.



Securus Technologies has developed a secured video conferencing tool that is designed especially for prisons and correctional facilities. The company is among the first to offer such services to their clients. The family members can cut down on scheduling visitations, and the jail officials have no worries. These visitations can often turn violent and more guards are to be provided to the visitation area to avoid any conflict. Using the video chatting program, the inmates can chat comfortably as if they are near. Working in a prison facility, I can say that their services are exceptionally great and have helped us make better changes to the entire system of visitation.


Securus Technologies also provide investigative systems for the jail officials who use them to solve crimes and to catch corrupt officials within the jail. There are times when corrupt officials help the inmates by providing them with illegal materials that they are not supposed to use inside the premises. We were easily able to track down those things and the officer who provided it to them. The company is also active in solving any problems that might occur with the system. The executives arrive within minutes of complaints being lodged with their customer service department.