There has been an increase in the number of drones entering the prisons and making illegal drop-offs. Constant surveillance has not given the result that the prison officials might expect. These unlawful drop-offs mean that the inmates are getting their hands on cigarettes, drugs and even porn – all of which are banned inside the prison. Since the operators of the drones are at far off places, there is no way to know who is operating them and stopping these attempts. Even if the correctional officers can shoot some drones, the criminals have the next one ready for flying since they come at quite a low price and are readily available.


Securus Technologies, the most popular technology, and phone service company in the prison industry, have been working on the way to stop the use of these drones inside the prison. The company has created a new system using which the prison officials can easily detect any drone flying over their premises and also help stop the signal from its operator resulting in it crashing. The system is already in place at various prisons on a trial basis, and its results are being recorded. So far, they have 100% success rate and the demand for the new system is expected to grow as more prisons are looking for ways to deal with the problems of illegal drones making drop-offs inside the prison. If the problem of drones’ usage by criminals and inmates to supply and receive the contraband packages is not solved, the lives of many inmates and the corrections officers can be in danger. It is not possible for the corrections officers to be present everywhere in the vast prison facilities that are spread through acres of land.


It is this advantage that the criminals use to send drones in the area where there are no corrections officers present, which is from where the inmates later collect their package. However, when the drone detection technology developed by Securus Technologies is installed, it would become much easier to detect from where the drone is coming and what is its exact location. Once the position of the drone trying to supply contraband is identified, it can be shot down or neutralized in any other way deemed necessary. Securus Technologies has recently also introduced the wireless containment system, which is a technology that would not let the contraband phones function inside the prison. Thus, whenever the inmate tries to make a call using the contraband phone, the calls would not go through.


The stoppage of using the contraband phone to ensuring that no drone with contraband package passes through would contribute a lot in reducing the crime rate, inside as well as outside of the correctional facilities.