The national office for Sightsavers Uganda recently took part in the National Disability Dialogue that was hosted by the government of Uganda. The country announced its intent to implement a set of commitments to be applied toward the inclusion of disability just in time for the Global Disability Summit that is set to be held this month in London.

Sightsavers Uganda will be joined at the Disability Dialogue by organizations that champion the rights of disabled persons, United Nations agencies, and representatives from donor governments.

Uganda is one of many countries that are scheduling talks ahead of the summit to discuss their individual plans to assure people with disabilities are properly represented in anticipation of the Global Disability Summit.

The government of Uganda has devised a comprehensive set of commitments that have drafted in alignment with the four themes put forth by the Global Disability Summit.

  • Tackling the stigma and discrimination that is often associated with disability
  • Economic empowerment of the disabled
  • Inclusion in education
  • Properly utilizing innovation and technology
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Dr. Johnson Ngorok of Sightsavers Uganda reports that the recent National Disability Dialogue provided the necessary forum for interested personnel from all walks to take part in a productive discussion. Ngorok also says that it was heartening to hear support for the community that came from both the Minister of Gender, Labor, and Social Development.

The Global Disability Summit is being hosted by the government of the United Kingdom, along with the International Disability Alliance, and the government of Kenya. The Summit aims to celebrate the rights and many achievements of individuals with disabilities and seeks to obtain solid and unaltering commitments from all involved that their best efforts will be made to assure lasting efforts to improve the conditions for disabled citizens around the world.