Simon Cowell seems like a strong man on the outside, but even stars have issues with insomnia and other health battles. When the 58-year-old singer couldn’t sleep, he went downstairs for a glass of warm milk. After drinking the milk, Cowell headed back upstairs. The last thing he remembers is feeling dizzy.

The infamous reality television judge fainted and fell down the stairs in his London home. He was rushed to the hospital where he was checked and released. The next thing he remembered was them putting a neck brace on him and taking him to the hospital. Panic set in when he thought for a split second that he had done some real damage to himself.

The diagnosis was low blood pressure. He was sore and out of commission, and he couldn’t be there to film the first five episodes of X Factor UK in England. The whole incident has shaken the star. Often, celebrities get the notion that they are invincible. However, this entire ordeal has shown Cowell that money and fame cannot save you from time and chance. Having good health is essential to bouncing back even after the smallest of infractions.

He returned home from the hospital to a swarm of paparazzi. Cowell just smiled and gave them the thumbs up letting them know he is okay. The father of one has undoubtedly changed since son Eric was born. Even his judging style seems to have mellowed. He no longer is as sharp-tongued and harsh with his constructive criticisms. Life certainly has new meaning to a man who looks like he just started living. He is kinder to children, is seen wiping tears on America’s Got Talent, and ultimately has turned into an old softie.

With all the shows that he produces and plays an active role in, it’s good to know that Cowell is going to be okay. Thankfully, he didn’t suffer any real injuries, though he may have some sore muscles for a few days more.