Many people were already expecting Solo to have a disappointing opening. However, the performance has fallen far below expectations. Many people were expecting a little more than $100 million and it has performed below that. This is showing a lot of things for the industry. One thing that it is showing is that production troubles can have an effect on the overall quality of the film, and it is often a bad effect. Another thing that it is showing is that fans are not going to just take anything with the name “Star Wars” slapped on it. Audiences demand good storytelling and a compelling concept.


Solo: A Star Wars Story is expected to bomb at the box office since it did not have a strong opening. The reception of the film has not been the warmest either compared to other films such as Avengers: Infinity War and Deadpool 2. Perhaps this is a call for the people in charge of the Star Wars franchise to sit down and look at what they are doing. They have already had to deal with the disappointment that was The Last Jedi.


One thing that they have to realize is that people are going to take a previous movie of the franchise and factor that into their anticipation of the next installment. One example is the success of Avengers: Infinity War. People are going to be very excited for the next Avengers film because of how well Infinity War turned out to be. The Last Jedi has disappointed audiences and left them a little weary of Star Wars as a franchise. Solo has made it even worse for the franchise. It is highly likely that even if Star Wars IX is a really good movie, it is not going to have a strong opening.