For companies as big as SteelSeries, it can be a challenge to have your products displayed accurately and positively. Tori Pugliese, the Senior Director and of Marketing, recently discussed the experience SteelSeries had with NewsWatch TV in an interview posted on One of the main comments that Pugliese had to say about the hardworking television series is that they were very helpful throughout her entire experience. She explained that they also demonstrated a level of knowledge about the public relations process that she greatly admired. The NewsWatch team was able to give potential SteelSeries customers information in a language that they could understand. Pugliese explains that she was also very pleased with how seamless the entire process was when working with NewsWatch. She felt as though the positive experience was indicative of a long and happy partnership between SteelSeries and NewsWatch TV.


In addition to the review from Pugliese, there are also a variety of other reviews about NewsWatch’s services on their website at While there, consumers can take time to learn about exciting new products not only in the tech industry, but also in health, beauty, fashion, medicine, and a variety of other subjects. NewsWatch makes it their priority to remain a well-rounded source of information by providing a plethora of material on different subject matters.


To catch a NewsWatch program, consumers can tune into their 30-minute show on the AMC and ION Network. The award-winning programming has been providing comprehensive information to its viewers since it aired in 1990. Viewers will find that the hosts present a variety of information in a tone that is direct and engaging. The team has also welcomed several well-known celebrities on their show this year. This high-quality delivery is but one factor in the multitudes that make NewsWatch TV the best source of breaking product news.