While the previous summer had its share of blockbusters, the summer of 2018 is looking to up the stakes with some of the biggest event films of the era. To accompany these big event films is some of the smaller, but action packed films. Therefore, people are going to have a lot of films to see in theaters when they come out. There have already been some really good films released this year such as Black Panther, which is running very strong in the box office. It is likely going to be still playing in theaters when Avengers: Infinity War come out.

While Infinity War is going to dominate the box office for possibly the summer, there are other films that are sure to have its share of the profits. One movie that is coming out that is worth checking out is Mission Impossible: Fallout. This is the sixth film in a series that has finally found its style. Another film that is worth checking out is the exciting if not derivative Skyscraper, starring Dwayne Johnson, who has become a star who is on a streak not that different from Tom Cruise. Dwayne Johnson is also getting ready to appear in a Fast and Furious spin-off with Jason Statham.

To work with the Juggernauts of the summer are some smaller but really interesting films that are looking to take the audience by surprise. One film is Upgrade, which is about a man who is injected with fighting skills. Another film is the action packed comedy called Tag in which lifetime friends have been playing the same game of Tag since they were children. There is one person in the group that has not been tagged. Therefore, they are doing everything they can to tag which will result in a very intense but safe game of tag.