Eva Moskowitz is the founder and CEO of Success Academy, and she says that she had two key goals she was looking forward to achieving when she launched Success Academy. These include opening high-performing schools and working towards broad and improved education in America. Success Academy is the biggest charter school network in New York City, and it was established ten years ago. When she launched the schools, she had no plan to expand operations outside of New York City, but recently a new online platform developed by the school is expected to extend their services beyond New York. Moskowitz together with other leaders in the academy revealed about Success Academy Education Institute which is a free online portal offering access to rich development resources for educators. It holds the curriculums and other development strategies applied in the 41 schools of success academy across the city.

Moskowitz said that there are many kids in the country who are enrolled in schools that do not teach them how to read and write or do mathematics and science at basic levels and they are proud to be able to change that situation. She added that the online platform is a great way for them to share their strategies and support educators in the country and outside the country. Moskowitz withdrew from the consideration of her being an education secretary candidate under Trump as the president. Success Academy works towards closing the attainment gap and cultivating academic results of low-income students of color and through their successful operations, they won a Broad Prize worth $250,000. The award is meant to support readiness programs in colleges such as campus visits and scholarships.

The Education Institute platform offers all schools of Success Academy literacy curriculums for basic levels as low as kindergarten through fourth grade. This is every crucial and first step of their big picture of introducing teachers all over the country to the mantra of Success Academy. One of the future plans of Success Academy is to establish a teachers training college at Hudson Yards in Manhattan whereby kindergarten students learn from an inbuilt lab school through eighth grade. Numerous emails were sent to over 15,000 educators in the verge of promoting the online platform, and those who will sign on them would be invited to conferences, workshops and in-person training sessions at Hudson Yards facility.


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