Richard Mishaan Design, an architectural firm founded by Richard Mishaan, does the interior designing of Mishan’s residence in New York. As the Chief of the company, Mishaan tried to experiment with the home and filled it with artworks and other interior designing options. As an ultimate mix master, he modified his residence located near the Central Park and has made a complete transformation with museum-quality artworks and fine quality furniture. Similar to how he works, Richard Mishaan did not follow any standard procedure for design in the interior works and followed what his mind said to him.



The attraction of the new design is clearly visible in the entrance hall well as it has a Guy de Rougement table at the center of the room with a stainless steel sculpture by Zhan Wang placed on top of the table. The walls have exuberant assortment works from Rob Wynne to Federico Andreotti, an Italian painter of 19th century. With cerulean-blue cove ceilings and green-white marble floor along with artwork and furniture giving a unique experience. The living room gets the extravaganza of an impressive bronze chair. Additionally, Richard Mishaan added Piero Fornasetti carpets with individualized designs with colors ranging from red, blue, black, and green to the public space in the apartment. The master bedroom in the apartment offers a visual drama with David Hockney painting decorates the wall and Valdés metal bust added to the bed table to provide an incredible positive vibration.



Richard Mishaan has specialized knowledge in fashion and cultural roots along with architecture and interior design. This great mix of knowledge helps him to provide unique interior designing works to his customers that are impressive and best-valued. Richard Mishaan has an excellent understanding of the difference between luxury and quality and gives greater importance to customer’s opinions in interior designing and architecture.



Richard Mishaan was born in Colombia and completed his BA from New York University and later completed Architecture from Columbia University School of Architecture. He started his career with Philip Johnson as an apprentice. Mishaan published two books named Artfully Modern and Modern Luxury, which details his concepts regarding interior designing and architecture.