Securus Technology is the leading high technology provision company in the whole of the United States and Canada. The firm is based in Texas. The company was a result of merging two prominent companies. That is the Evercom and T-Netix. The merging process was complete in 2004. In 2008, Richard Smith, commonly known as Rick Smith to many, assumed office as the chief executive of the company.

Securus Technologies is associated with quality in the field. In the past three years, the company has invested $600 million into various technologies. The firms have made a major contribution to the correctional facilities. Read more on

Through their devices, the management of the inmates is now easy. The biometric system assists in keeping track of the convicts in jail. The data recording and maintenance devices have helped in drawing relations in cases. The patterns have been crucial in making prudent conclusions regarding cases to solve crimes.

Rick Smith has significantly improved the communication between the convicts between incarcerated individuals and their families. He has introduced video calls in the correctional facilities. Relatives do not need to travel to jail for face to face conversations like old times. Relatives and friends can now call from home. This has helped in ensuring that the convicts do not feel neglected by their loved ones because they are regularly able to keep in touch with them.

There is also an additional email technology. The technologies purpose is to ensure that the inmates keep abreast with the changes of the outside world. With the high rate of the current world development, everything is changing rapidly. While the world may get applause for this, this has turned out to be a major challenge for the inmates.

Convicts who serve long sentences face difficulties in adjusting to the world after being released. Many of them become devastated and feel misplaced. As a result, many people just commit crimes intentionally to go back to jail. Through the email address, the inmates can now receive pictures to see the developments of the world. Read more on

Rick Smith knows the harm that these devices can bring in the detention facilities. Convicts can use it to plan a prison break or hurt the outside world. This is why he has taken the measures to ensure that the gadgets are limited to their use.

Rick Smith’s success as a CEO can be traced back to his past experiences. He had worked in many companies before Rick Smith Securus was nominated as CEO of the company. His last workplace was Eschelon Company. Smith worked in many disciplines here, which enhanced his knowledge in the field. He is remembered for improving the company’s revenue to $350 million from $30 million.

Smith has an Applied Associate in Electrical Engineering. He is also an MBA holder, not to forget his masters in Mathematics.