The Expendables franchise has had three movies. However, Stallone has decided that they are going to come back for yet another film in the saga. While the third one did not do so well, (possibly due to a watered down film for a PG-13 rating), Stallone has finally decided that there is more to explore with the upcoming Expandables 4. The only thing is who is returning. One thing that is certain is that Sylvester Stallone is returning to the franchise. The only thing is that he and a few other actors are the only ones returning. The rest of the cast is uncertain.

The first Expendables film has started out a gritty thriller. It eventually turned into an action film that pays homage to the 80s style action movies that have eventually given way to the PG-13 movies of the 2000s. Given that the climate has recently changed for action movies, it is interesting to see how well this one would be received. They are likely going to shoot for an R rating since the tide has shifted. Nowadays, more action movies are R rated except for major comic book movies. As a matter of fact, even some of the comic book movies in otherwise PG-13 franchises have been released with R rating.

Another thing to note is that photographers are holding the camera still more. Even the first Expendables movie involved a lot of quick cuts. As of right now, it is uncertain how the Expendables franchise is going to hold up. With the likes of John Wick, Deadpool and some other hardcore film franchises, it is going to have to work hard to bring something new to the table.