Geoffrey Cone is one of the most popular tax and trust lawyers in the world. He currently works at his law firm, known as Cone Marshall that is based in New Zealand. Geoffrey has achieved a lot in his entire career, and he has also won several awards. His law firm has also been successful under his leadership, and it offers its services to consumers in the international community. The Auckland-based law firm has an online portfolio that attracts the attention of many individuals in the globe, especially those interested in foreign trusts. Karen Marshall is a co-principal at the company, and she has helped Geoffrey Cone to achieve his dreams.

Geoffrey Cone is an expert in commercial litigation, tax and trust laws, and he has helped any individuals in his country understand foreign trusts. Just recently, New Zealand was recognized as one of the safest nations for foreign trusts. All the media houses have covered the news in the country, and they seem to have very little understanding of the matter. Geoffrey Cone explained the concept to the citizens so that can understand why the foreign trusts had increased significantly in the country.

Geoffrey Cone says that his country is considered to be a safe haven for the foreign trusts, and this explains why they keep on increasing every year. The legal system used in New Zealand is very transparent, and it encourages other people to invest there. The legal system is very strict and understandable to other governments too, and this attracts many individuals.

Cone also says that New Zealand is considered to be a leader in matters dealing with tax. Tax and trust matter are handled with a lot of care and transparency. The nation also has some international standards that make sure that the requirements placed on the trustees are followed to the later.

The current legal system was introduced in New Zealand by Michael Cullen. The system mostly governs the foreign trusts and tax cases, and it was developed by experts and consultants in the country. Under these regulations, the resident trustee in the foreign trust is required to submit some particular documents. The financial records of these individuals and other relevant documentation are kept well for tax purposes. People who do not do this end up getting in serious trouble.