When you mention the word cancer a few things immediately come to mind. First the dread of facing one of the most deadly and debilitating diseases that can afflict our species, followed by thoughts of the effects caused by some of the more widely available treatments, mainly those of hair loss and weight loss.

It is true that the treatments designed to help destroy the disease often leaves those affected with a slew of symptoms brought on by the treatment itself such as flu-like symptoms which persist throughout treatment, extreme weight loss, and of course hair loss in most cases.

Though, this does not have to be the fate of every person that is diagnosed with this deadly disease. As other treatment options are available and gaining traction. Advances made in stem cell research and regenerative medicine is allowing doctors the opportunity to treat the disease in new ways not available before now. The treatments have begun to show an ever increasing rate of success as new breakthroughs keep pouring in due to the diligence and hard work of researchers at medical institutes such as the Lung Institute, a leader in stem cell treatments focusing on regenerative medicine as it applies to the lungs.

Originally thought to be controversial due to no small part to miscommunication and wrongly held beliefs about that process that were propagated by sources that were misinformed unfortunately. The process and treatment (https://lunginstitute.com/treatment/) has come a long way since those first days and has only continued to improve the way it is able to save lives of any of those lucky enough to receive treatment in time. The entire process often relies upon stem cells found naturally within the body of those that are receiving treatments themselves further doing more to eliminate any possibility of tissue rejection during treatment.

While making headlines on Hawaii News Now and changing lives daily, stem cell research, as well as regenerative medicine as a whole, is still not being utilized by enough people who could benefit from the life-saving treatments. Sadly this is due to people not being informed about the true potential of stem cell treatment.

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