The Oxford Club is a worldwide private network of business investors as well as entrepreneurs. The organization uses distinctive investment tactics and principles, sharing it to its members who win over the stock market as well as surpass the expected average returns in various classes. The organization ventures in bonds, options, equities, real estate markets as well as currencies and valuable metals. The mission of the organization is to assist its members in creating a massive amount of wealth and enjoying their present period of life.

The managerial team of the organization is headed by Chief Executive Officer Julia Guth who is assisted by her executive group with abilities in editorials, customer service, research, publishing, sales, and marketing as well operations. The organization hires experts in the fields of various classes of assets such as cryptocurrencies, trading options, investments, and bonds as well as the stock market and private equity.

The organization was officially started in 1989 formally being named as the Passport Club. It changed the name to The Oxford Club two years later. William Bonner and his colleagues initiated the company as a small network organization. Their goal and purpose were to make a club of financial gurus and investors who were capable of getting and sharing unique economic opportunities worldwide.

The Oxford Club has three levels of membership which include: Premium membership who are members that have subscribed to any of the publications paid by the club. This is the initial stage, and the association at this stage is renewed every year. The next membership is called the Director’s Circle membership where the members are lifetime members of the organization. Here the members are fully committed to the organization. The members can also give their membership credentials to their family members thus letting them enjoy the incentives. The last is called the Chairman’s Circle membership which is the highest membership level. Members here get the most benefits and have lifeline access to the publications paid by the organization.

The organization has three newsletters, twelve trading services as well as three daily electronic letters. The newsletters include The Oxford Resource Explorer, The Oxford Communique, and The Oxford Resource Explorer. Benefits of joining the @The_Oxford_Club include networking by members, subscription to monthly newsletters, 24-hour access to the strategies of the organization as well as property exchange and access to global outposts, among others.