What is NewsWatch TV
NewsWatch TV has been around for over 25 years and has grasped several awards for its winning shows. In the beginning NewsWatch TV focused and aired informative topics related to finances. As its popularity grew of the years, NewsWatch TV began incorporating multiple topics that interest the public to become more of a TV news magazine. Now a days you can watch the show on multiple networks and social media sites. NewsWatch TV gives its millions of viewers access to consumer news, product reviews, new and groundbreaking medical and government news, PSA’s, and celebrity interviews.

NewsWatch TV’s home base is in Washington, DC along with satelite offices in Virginia, New York and Colorado. NewsWatch TV is owned and operated by Bridge Communications, a video and communication production company. NewsWatch utilizes segmented shows that are hosted by Susan Bridges and Michelle Ison, both report on consumer review issues or newsworthy individual/celebrity interviews. Segments are short and self contained, which allows the viewers to stay engaged in the topics. Every produced segment is created in-house, which makes overhead cost low.

The Latest on NewsWatch TV

In 2011, NewsWatch TV began showcasing segments focusing on the modern technology market. They have aligned themselves with Fortune 500 companies to disperse reviews on their products. The most recent tech review shows include Sony, Siemens, Audi, and Outback Steakhouse and D-Link just to name a few.

The next year, 2012, NewsWatch TV introduced AppWatch, a segment dedicated to searching out and reviewing new mobile apps for cell phones and Window technology devices. AppWatch is hosted by Andrew Tropeano and it is a weekly show. NewsWatch TV is also making its presence known on the social media circuit. Besides the syndicated national network show, you can also catch their segments on line. NewsWatch TV can be viewed via YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, Googgle+ and Instagram; just to name a few.

Is it Worth It?

Because everything is produced in-house, cost for producing segments is kept low. Low production cost makes it cost efficient for companies to come on board. In addition, NewsWatch TV’s reputation and success with previous companies is renowned. NewsWatch will work with small and large companies alike to promote reviews for their products. Companies should definitely check out NewsWatch TV and its innovative way to connect with the public consumer.